Penn State Will Play for the National Championship if...

Bill KaoContributor INovember 12, 2008

People...stop laughing.  There is still a slim chance that Penn State could end up playing in Miami for the National Championship.  

Remember, Ohio State was ranked No. 7 in the BCS poll at the same time last year, and ended up in the national title game, so there is hope.

Here is what must happen, though, so let's all pray.


Nov. 15, Texas (3) vs. Kansas: Kansas beats Texas and PSU moves up one spot to No. 7.


Nov. 22, BYU (17) vs. Utah (7): Go Mormons and see below...


Nov. 22, Texas Tech (2) vs. Oklahoma (5): Bob Stoops is 60-2 at home and TT's luck runs out. PSU moves to No. 6.


Nov. 29, Florida (4) vs. FSU (19): FSU is due for a win over the Gators.  Why not?


Nov. 29, Oklahoma (stays at No. 5 with win against TT) vs. Oklahoma St. (13): Oklahoma St. "cowboys" Oklahoma at home.


Nov. 29, ND vs. USC (6): This will be the only time that I am a ND fan.  Clausen goes home and shows off his arm.  PSU moves to No. 3 with loss from Florida, Oklahoma, and USC.


Dec. 6, Big 12 Title game—Texas Tech (2) vs. Missouri (12): Chase Daniel goes for the Heisman and throws for 500 yards.


Dec. 6, SEC title game—Alabama (1) vs. Florida (5): Tim Tebow runs over Nick Saban and earns his second Heisman Trophy.


Jan. 8, FLORIDA (1) VS. PENN STATE (2)


NATIONAL CHAMPS: PENN STATE and Joe Paterno retires.