Islanders Slogan "Hockey with Heart"...Where Is the Heart?

Kristin HubaContributor INovember 12, 2008

When you think of New York sports teams, you think of the Yankees, the Mets, and the Rangers. Maybe a little part of you thinks about the Islanders. If the Islanders played like a team, maybe you'd see the potential this team has.

When a team goes out to play for its home crowd, you can feel the intensity. You can feel the passion, the heart, and the commitment the players have building inside of them. Only too bad the Islanders lost their heart and can't seem to find it. Even when they do, they lose it again and lose it in the third period.

The Islanders, like every sports team, have the moments fans live for. But how much can we really take when the team shows no interest in pleasing its beloved fans? The Islanders must have forgotten it is a 60-minute game, three periods long, 20 minutes apiece.

No matter what team you may be talking about, they have a commitment to the fans, to the coach, and to the owner.

It's like the Islanders lose their willpower in the beginning of the third period. The passion, drive, and heart has disappeared by the time the last 20 minutes arrive. If they only knew how dedicated their fans were—even through the rough patches.

Fans must know how hard it is to watch their team fall apart.

Where did the Islanders' heart go? They should read their own logo and remember what it feels to be an Islander who plays hockey with heart.