Philadelphia Eagles: It Truly Is Always Sunny in Philadelphia

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Philadelphia Eagles: It Truly Is Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Chris Chambers/Getty Images
It really is, though.

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia's title is complicated.

In one way, it's a mighty heavy misnomer. The show centers around five of the least tactful human beings to have ever lived in Philadelphia, and that includes at least half of the delegates to the Continental Congress. 

On the flip side, there are few shows more whimsical than Sunny. Maybe it's the Kiessling compositions that take place during the intro and some of the scene transitions, but it probably has more to do with the way every episode turns into an adventure. Sure, a lot of shows have followed the adventure model, but a typical 23 minute block of Sunny has a trajectory not unlike a children's type adventure show. When a problem arises, even when that problem was all their own fault (and it usually is), the gang will try and solve it the only way they know children.

We're talking about a bunch of people who tried to solve the "gas crisis" by buying gas from gas stations at normal prices, storing it in barrels, and selling it door-to-door at twice the cost. That's problem solving at the most remedial of levels. I tried asking my parents if I could do the same thing when I was seven, but they wouldn't give me the keys or their wallet. Disciplinarians they were!

Speaking of children, the Philadelphia Eagles fans of the world are as happy as a bunch of first graders taking a tour of the Ben and Jerry's factory. As they should be. The Eagles are a popular Super Bowl pick after the organization made several free agency splashes that no kiddie pool could contain.

Not only that, the group of characters on this Eagles squad would make for a pretty darn good television show. 

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