Jose Mourinho: Has He Lost the Plot with Eye-Poking Attack on Vilanova?

Marc RosebladeContributor IIIAugust 18, 2011

One in the eye for Vilanova
One in the eye for Vilanova

Smashing match last night in the Super El Clasico with Barcelona running our eventual 3-2 winners on the night, giving them a 5-4 aggregate victory over their fierce rivals Real Madrid, and the first silverware of the season belonged to the European champions.
As if things haven't been strained enough in recent years between the Spanish giants, last night saw egomaniac Jose Mourinho seemingly trying to pick a fight. The most bizarre incident in modern times happened at the end when he apparently, not apparently, deliberately poked Barcelona assistant Tito Villanova in the eye. He made a beeline to purposely try to gouge out the eye of the Barca man. What was he thinking?  

Seriously, is this the action of a man in charge of his mental capacity? Did he think he was on the schoolyard and someone had pinched his lunch money?

Does he not realise the repercussions of his actions and how a stupidly childish action like this could have incited a riot amongst the players and coaching staff that surrounded them when he reacted in this manner? Or was he under the influence of a voodoo doll and is completely innocent?

On the other hand, it was quite funny in a bizarre type of way and will probably be remembered in the same archives of football weirdness as the famous pig's head incident in the same fixture many years ago.

What do you think? Watch the clip and comment.

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