A Hockey Mom and Proud of It

Daniel ArouchianSenior Analyst INovember 12, 2008

Well the republicans have lost the elections, but a few days before Artist Frank Cipra designed one of his trademark air-brush goalie mask to none other then Sarah Palin. Since talking about hockey moms during a speech,accepting hockey jerseys as gifts and twice dropping ceremonial pucks before NHL games it's only fair that she gets her own mask.

The mask design includes the governor wearing her famous glasses, smiling. The Alaska wilderness is also featured with the Northern Lights and the Big Dipper. On the other side, a wide-eyed dog biting on a hockey stick with a lip-stick studded collar. The GOP logo is on the chin, with an American flag wrapped around the bottom of the mask. The words "McCain/Palin" on the side.

Frank Cirpa was hoping to give the mask to the governor before the elections. No words if she actually got it.