Perfection When it Counts: Jimmie Johnson

Jim CrooksCorrespondent INovember 12, 2008

Is there a reason why Jimmie Johnson currently holds an almost insurmountable lead in Sprint Cup points?  Sure, there is.

Jimmie Johnson and his crew chief Chad Knaus are that good.  Period.

Carl Edwards and his crew chief, Bob Osbourne have won a lot of races this year.  So have Kyle Bush and Steve Addington. 

But no one has combined to win and lead races at the most crucial times as has Jimmie Johnson and Chad Knaus.

Mr Johnson and Mr. Knaus have earned the title of Mr. Chase and Mr. Pressure-I-Didn't-Even-Think-Existed respectively.  Will Jimmie and Chad stop at three?  Will they continue on until eight?  Who knows.

All I know is that Jimmie Johnson is one of the best drivers in modern era of NASCAR.  Chad Knaus is one of the best crew chiefs in the modern era of NASCAR.  Together, they seem to be almost unstoppable.

Would your put your hard-earned money on Jimmie Johnson right now?  I would, if I had any to bet.  Jimmie is the Chase specialist driver.  Chad is the Chase specialist crew chief.

Can the Jimmie and Chad combination lose at Homestead?  Of course, they can.  My money's on that they win, though.  Jimmie only has to finish 36th or better to sew up the Cup. 

My money's on Jimmie in this one.  He's been too good, for too long to believe he'll lose this endeavor.