Habs: Hard Work Pays off, but Is Inconsistency a Problem?

Jaime ReisContributor INovember 12, 2008

What a game on Tuesday! Higgins did what he was expected to do, score. It was an amazing comeback game after two losses in the past weekend. But was this just luck?

I've observed that the Habs can have an amazing game one day, but the next, play against Columbus (a so called "Non-playoff team") and lose! Guess what's back! Inconsistency and over-confidence...

Sure, someone says, "Oh, it's alright, all teams are like that, blah blah..." But yet, some Montreal fanatics don't seem to see that a great team is:

  1. Consistent;
  2. Prepared for games, but never over-confident;
  3. Healthy.

Of course, now they'll tell me, "But, they came back in the game against the Islanders, so I'm sure they're able to do that when they're trailing..." Now there, I start fulminating, and I finally think to myself, "Don Cherry, you were right".

One thing that I hope Guy Carbonneau will do is to tell all of 'em players that the season just started and that they're not in the playoffs yet. Because, of course, there's always some players who think they'll win no problem (I think the game against Toronto is enough to explain).

So these are the challenges/goals I have for the Habs:

  1. Everybody, get a grip! We're in November for pete's sake!
  2. Time for the Kostitsyn Brothers, and Mr. Kovalev to start producing...
  3.  Avoid injuries, we don't want another Ryder playing...
  4. Protect Carey Price! Don't let enemy teams even close to him, unless you want goals against....
  5. Carbonneau, make Georges Laraque play! The Canadiens signed him to be a full-time player and to defend our players, not to stay on the bench and play tic-tac-toe!