UFC 134 Preview: 5 Reasons Anderson Silva Will Destroy Yushin Okami

Kasey ScottAnalyst IAugust 19, 2011

UFC 134 Preview: 5 Reasons Anderson Silva Will Destroy Yushin Okami

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    The legacy of Anderson Silva continues, as he looks to take out Yushin Okami in his UFC record ninth straight title defense. 

    UFC 134 is scheduled for August 9th, and it is packed with a great fight card. The headliner of the card is Anderson Silva vs Yushin Okami. 

    While there is no official name for UFC 134, Silva has revenge set on his mind. 

Most of Yushin Okamis Fights Go Down to a Decision

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    In each of Yushin Okami's last 12 fights they have all went past the second round. During that 12 fight span, Okami owns two TKO's and one KO. Okami only owns one submission during that span as well. 

    Seven of Okamis' last 12 fights have came down to a decision. Okami will not want to go five rounds with Silva. 

    In Anderson Silva's last 12 fights he has finished four of those fights in the first round, including his most recent fight against Vitor Belfort. 

    Silva also owns three TKO's and four KO's during that 12 fight span. To go along with his TKO's and KO's, Silva has three submissions. 

    Anderson Silva is one of the most lethal fighters in the UFC and he has the ability to take you out in so many ways.  

Anderson Silva Handled Vitor Belfort in the First Round

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    At UFC 126 on February 5th, Anderson Silva took out Belfort in nearly a minute and a half. 

    The fight against Vitor Belfort was Silvas' eighth straight title defense. Anderson Silva was obviously favored, but not quite as much as he had been in the past. 

    Belfort had won five straight fights prior to his loss against Silva, and was 13-2 in fights that ended in the first round. 

    Vitor had won some big fights against Rich Franklin and Matt Linland, but was no match for the extremely talented "Spider". 

Anderson Silva Will Avoid Okamis Takedowns

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    Anderson Silva is extremely skilled at avoiding takedowns. According to ufc.com, Silva avoids 80% of all takedowns. 

    This will be key as Okami is a very talented takedown fighter. Based on Okami's fight history, he attempts more takedowns than strikes. 

    Just to put that stat in perspective, Silva attempts only about one takedown for every six strikes. This shows that these two fighters have very different fight styles and approaches. 

    Silva also is great with submissions, so even if Okami can take him down there is no guarantee he can finish him off. 

When Is the Last Time Silva Lost?

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    Can anyone honestly tell me when the last time Anderson Silva lost a fight? The funny thing is, Yushin Okami was the last fighter to defeat Silva. 

    Okami defeated Silva back on January 20th, 2006. The fight was at Rumble at the Rock 8. 

    Since his loss to Okami, Silva has won his past 14 fights. Not only has he won his past 14 fights, but he has defended the belt for eight fights. 

    Since Okami's upset of Silva, he has went 12-3. The three fights in which Okami lost all came down to a decision. 

    Can Okami defeat Silva for a second time? I think not.

Silva Will Have Added Motivation

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    Now this doesn't necessarily mean that Anderson Silva needs some added motivation. Silva has already come out and stated that the belt motivates him. 

    Anderson Silva only has four losses in his MMA career. Never in Silva's MMA career has he had an opportunity to avenge a loss. 

    Okami's win in my book is worth less because it was by a DQ, due to an illegal kick by Anderson Silva. 

    Most people will say a win is a win, but when you win because of DQ, the win is certainly diluted. 

    Yushin Okami will need to beat Anderson Silva straight up in 2011, and Silva will be as hungry as ever.