Top 10 Point Guards in College Hoops

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent INovember 12, 2008

The season is fast approaching. The first games are on Nov. 10 and the BIAH live blog during ESPN's season kickoff is just two weeks away.

We've given you the break out players. We've given you the teams to watch. We've given you more team previews than you could ever care about.

So, with just a week until actual games are played, we figured the best way to finish up our 2008-2009 season previews would be to give you our top 10 players at each position. You know how much we love a good top 10 list here.

A few caveats. First, we're talking about how good these guys are as college players; not how well they project pros.

Second, while it may be too much power for me, I am making the executive decision on what "position" a player is (and it may not necessarily be what he is listed as on a roster).

Third, I am not putting the freshman in the list. As much as I've read about these guys and as many Youtube clips as I have watched, I have yet to see many of them play a real game (the all-star games don't count), and I don't think that I could give an accurate assessment until I see them play.

Lastly, I love me a good argument, so if you think someone is too low or too high or at the wrong position, leave a comment and let me hear about it.

Here are the point guards.


Best Freshmen

  • Jrue Holiday, UCLA
  • Kemba Walker, UConn
  • Larry Drew, UNC
  • Tyshawn Taylor, Kansas

Best of the Rest

  • Dominic James, Marquette
  • Sherron Collins, Kansas
  • Trevon Hughes, Wisconsin
  • Kalin Lucas, Michigan State
  • Scottie Reynolds, Villanova
  • Tyrese Rice, Boston College

Top 10


Maynor was forced to become much more of a scorer for VCU last year, pushing his average from 13.9 ppg to 17.9 ppg. While most people will remember him for this, Maynor has proven in his first three years that he can be a scoring point guard as well as a pass first point guard.


The lefty Jerrells is an excellent scorer for Baylor, and he is the guy that will push the ball up the floor for Scott Drew. He cut down his turnovers a lot last season, and if he improves his shot selection he could move up this list.


Calathes doesn't always bring the ball up for the Gators, but he is the guy that starts their offense. Not only would he be a stud in fantasy basketball (15.3 ppg, 5.2 rpg, 6.1 apg, 1.5 spg), but at 6'6" he can defend three positions and create a ton of mismatches for Billy Donovan. 


Fields is a strong defender, a talented playmaker, and the leader of a Pitt team that is expected to compete for the Big East title. He is currently battling a foot injury that he first suffered against Dayton last year, and how healthy he is will be one of the deciding factors in the Panthers' season. 

6. JEREMY PARGO, Gonzaga 

On what is probably Gonzaga's most talented team to date, Pargo may be the 'Zags most talented player. At 6'2", 220 lbs., he is strong, athletic, and attacks the rim hard. He is also a very good playmaker, dishing out 6.0 apg last season to go along with his 12.1 ppg.

5. AJ PRICE, UConn 

After three disappointing years in Storrs (only one of which was spent in uniform), Price showed why he was a top recruit in high school last year. He carried UConn at the end of last season, consistently making big plays.

He's not terribly quick and not terribly athletic, but he is a terrific passer in traffic, has a good enough handle to get by most defenders, and is able to score in the lane over bigger players. 

4. PATTY MILLS, St. Mary's

Mills spent the summer playing in the Olympics against the world's best, including a 20-point, two-assist, three-steal performance against the US. Mills is a lighting quick penetrator that can get to the rim against just about anyone. 

3. JONNY FLYNN, Syracuse 

Flynn was the biggest reason that an injury-depleted Syracuse team was even in the conversation for an NCAA bid last year.

He can score in bunches, but is unselfish enough that he will find the open man. With a couple of talented players coming off of injury, expect Flynn's scoring numbers (15.7 ppg) to go down, but his assist numbers (5.3 apg, 1.95 a/to) to go up.


Lawson isn't a great shooter or defender, but he is maybe the fastest guy in the country with a ball in his hands. His ability to get out and lead the break is what makes the nation's most high-powered offense go. 


Collison is one of the best on-the-ball defenders in the country, setting the tone for what is probably the nation's best defense.

He can also do a little bit on the offensive end, putting up 14.5 ppg and 3.8 apg while shooting 52.5 percent from three-point territory. He is the leader of a team that has made it to three straight Final Fours. 


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