WWE: 5 Reasons Triple H Has Done a Good Job and What Can Be Expected

Brent Turner@@BrentTurner1Correspondent IIIAugust 18, 2011

WWE: 5 Reasons Triple H Has Done a Good Job and What Can Be Expected

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    It has only been a short time since Triple H started the on-screen time as the voice of the WWE.  In that time we have had some pretty good television to watch over the course of this summer.  At this point, Triple H has done a good job at what he has done, and I am starting to think differently about his position and role within the company.  

    Earlier in the summer I wrote why I didn't think it would be great for Triple H to be the person for this role, but he has proved that he can do it.  Right now, here are the five areas in which I think he is doing better than Vince McMahon.  At the end, feel free to leave comments and your opinion.

5. So Far, He Has Stayed out of the Spotlight

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    You may read this and say, "what?"  However, look at the way he has been involved in the shows recently.  He has been out there with the main-eventers, but he has not been the focal point.  One of the biggest concerns I had earlier in the summer was that Triple H was going to take away the spotlight from the current crop of stars in the WWE.  

    Triple H has been "in the background" to the point, and it is refreshing to see other stars shine while he mentors them in the back.  Go back a few weeks ago to the contract signing on Raw.  Once Punk and Cena were in the ring, Triple H became the third person involved with that segment.  He did a nice job letting Punk and Cena talk while limiting his own role.

    But, as I said in the title of this slide, "so far..."

4. He Hasn't Taken a Side Yet

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    For most of his post-broadcasting career, Vince McMahon played the role of the heel perfectly.  Over the years, you knew that Vince was doing whatever he could to mess with the likes of Austin, Rock and Foley.  

    Triple H has done a good job keeping the people guessing as to who he is going to "screw," and based on his interviews, he could go either way.  His look of surprise at the return of Kevin Nash leads people to believe that he was just as shocked as they were.  

    It is like a ticking time bomb waiting to see when Triple H will strike.

3. He Can Get Physical in the Ring

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    Just looking at Triple H in the ring tells you that he has definitely kept in shape since WrestleMania.  A known workout warrior, Triple H will mix it up in the ring with any of the superstars on the roster.  Rarely did McMahon mix it up to the point that there was a fight or match involved, though, he did have some matches at pay-per-views over the years.  

    It is a unique position to have the COO of the WWE be able to Pedigree any of the wrestlers that come in to the ring.  It makes me think Triple H won't have to have any of his own stooges do his dirty work.

2. This Is a New Voice on the Microphone

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    Granted, Vince McMahon cut some of the best promos, and they rank right up there with the best on the mic.  But eventually, that message of "screwing someone" over gets old.  Though he doesn't look like a COO, Triple H provides a fresh voice in the ring on Monday nights.  

    I wouldn't consider Triple H in the top five all-time wrestlers with a microphone in hand, but he does have his own unique flavor that he brings.  Triple H does seem to be able to talk to the crowd, but at any moment he can snap and bring the thunder. It is nice to see someone walk around the ring like they own it.

1. It Gives Vince McMahon Time to Plan a Major Comeback

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    Now, most of you probably didn't think that this would be something that would fill up the top spot on my slideshow, but it is well worth it. 

    Being off of television gives Vince time, if he wants, to think about how he can come back and make a huge impact.  As I have written recently, the "anything can happen" idea is starting to come back in the WWE, and somewhere down the road, Vince may decide that it is time to come back and wreak a little havoc of his own.  

    I can just see it now...Triple H versus Vince for control of the company.  Sound familiar?  He perfected it with Shane and Stephanie almost 10 years ago.  Buckle up, ladies and gentlemen, this might get interesting.