Chiefs: Yet Another Year of Rebuilding in Kansas City

Matt KellyCorrespondent IJanuary 30, 2008

Herm Edwards has been quoted that he has messed up and he wants to start over. In my opinion, I have come to believe that this is all Carl Peterson's doing.

If the Chiefs ever want to have success in the playoffs, they need to get rid of Peterson. He is one of the worst GMs in the NFL.

It seems to me that all he is there for is to get his paycheck and be done with it.

In my opinion, the Chiefs should fire Herm Edwards and sign Marty Schottenheimer, even though I said earlier that we want success in the playoffs, and he has shown that he basically chokes in the playoffs.

Overall, I believe that Peterson should be the one to get booted out. All he wants to do is sign old quarterbacks that will get injured, and Brody Croyle is definitely not a long term solution.

Tony Gonzalez is our best player, not a question there, but he never gets the ball because he is always double or even triple covered because the Chiefs don't have another threat in the passing game.

If I was Tony, I would request that the Chiefs either sign a wide receiver who is a threat or request a trade.