Nevin Shapiro: Serving 20-Year Prison Sentence for $930 Million Scheme

Matthew WatkinsContributor IAugust 17, 2011

Where is college football going?

It used to be a sport about pride and game, not money, cars, and prostitutes.

Well, to Shapiro that's just what it it's all about.

Shapiro said provided money, cars, yacht rides, televisions, jewelry, sex parties, prostitutes, and even an abortion for a woman that got impregnated by a player to members of the University of Miami football team.

One former Miami player, running back Tyrone Moss, accepted $1,000 from Shapiro around the time he was entering college.

''Hell yeah, I recruited a lot of kids for Miami,'' Shapiro said to Yahoo! Sports. ''With access to the clubs, access to the strip joints. My house. My boat. We're talking about high school football players. Not anybody can just get into the clubs or strip joints. Who is going to pay for it and make it happen? That was me.''

Time out!

He only said that; just because he said it doesn't mean it's true.

They will investigate to make sure it was completely true, but this could mean the death penalty for Miami.

''I can tell you what I think is going to happen, death penalty.'' Shapiro said.

Miami doesn't deserve the death penalty here. Shapiro deserves his time in prison, and the players involved should get removed from campus.

But another problem is that at least 80 percent of players there were part of this. There wouldn't be any players to play.

It IS NOT completely verified yet, but it doesn't look like a joke either.

So, we will find out soon enough and see if this affects the Miami team for the future.