Do The Suns Have a Chance This Year?

Tom ThomasonCorrespondent INovember 12, 2008

The Phoenix Suns have a new coach and a new philosophy.

New coach Terry Porter was brought in to teach this offensive juggernaut to play D. This begs the question; do they have the right personnel? Looking at the roster, it seems doubtful.

Starting with 2-time MVp Steve Nash. Lets be honest here. As great as Nash is, he will never be a great defender. 

Then we have Forward Amare Stoudemire. Although he has all the tools to be great defender, and wants to be a great defender, one has to wonder if this isn't just lip service to pacify Coach Porter. Watching him play this year, I still don't see the desire to shutdown opponents from STAT.

grant Hill can be a fine defender when he wants to be but, the injuries and years of abuse have taken their toll.

Matt Barnes is a capable defender who can create turnovers and bring good energy.

Raja Bell Of-course is the Suns best man to man defender who always plays hard.

Shaq still has the ability to guard the paint and change shots but, he has trouble with the pick and roll.

Leandro Barbosa has never been a real good defender.

So what's the verdict? Can the Suns pull it off?  Well so far the number say yes. Thus far the Suns are holding opponents to 98.62 points after eight games. Its too early to give a definitive answer but, it seems to be sinking in. And the offense is still ranked 2nd in the league in scoring. So if this trend holds up, it could be a big year for Planet Orange..