Breaking News: ESPN Making Bid for BCS Bowl Games

Anthony OrlandoCorrespondent INovember 12, 2008

This is just getting ridiculous. 

Monday Night Football, a national pastime for so long, just recently shifted to ESPN, a cable sports channel. 

Now they want the BCS Bowl Games. 

Via The Bowl Championship Series games could be moving to cable television as early as 2010, according to media reports.

The Walt Disney Co., the parent company of ESPN, is among the bidders for the five BCS games—and according to reports in USA Today and SportsBusiness Daily, the company has bid about $25 million per year more than its closest competitor for the new BCS deal.

Fox's four-year deal with the BCS ends after the 2009 season. If Disney's bid for the new deal is accepted, then the BCS games and the national championship would be aired on ESPN starting in 2010, according to USA Today.

My two cents: College football should do everything in its power to stop this from happening. Is it really worth the extra 25 million? For an extra 25 million you could lose 10 million viewers. Doesn't that hurt TV revenue and advertising? 

Sports fans were upset when MNF went to cable TV, but that's just one game a week. ESPN could potentially get multiple BCS bowl games—the biggest games of the college football season. 
It's getting to the point where money is ruining the game. 
I know, I know: "Well, people could just get with the 21st century and get cable." True. But what happened to the times when the biggest sporting events in the world were a national TV spectacle, not just a cable TV spectacle?
The BCS is the equivalent to the Super Bowl.
Are you telling me we should accept the Super Bowl going from FOX, ABC, NBC, and CBS to ESPN, Versus, and Fox Sports Net? That this is no big deal? 
College football commissioners and the presidents of their universities have proven all they care about is money. That's why we don't have a playoff still. 
But hopefully for once, they will do the right thing and not allow ESPN to become a monopoly, taking over the entire sports world.