Alabama Football: Things We Learned and Monday Message Board 11/10

Nic GulasSenior Analyst INovember 12, 2008

Hey Guys,

So, between a little schoolwork and the recuperation period needed from New Orleans, the Monday Message Board treads on a little late this week.

Anyways, after a trip to Tiger land, Alabama has emerged with another win, but there are plenty of other important things that have come from this victory, such as...


Alabama is headed back to Atlanta

For the second time this season, Alabama is going back to the Georgia Dome—this time to play for a title.  The Crimson Tide wrapped up the SEC West in record time this weekend by defeating LSU and giving everyone else in the West three total losses. 

This will also mark Alabama's third trip to the state of Georgia this season, which has been very kind to the Crimson Tide.  Besides the 2-0 record, Alabama is averaging 37 points in the Peach State this season.  Not half bad.


Alabama can handle the adversity of a tight game

If there was one positive out of Alabama's ho-hum performance, it was that the team found a way to win this game. 

Alabama trailed for almost a quarter in this game, easily longer than any other time previously in the first nine games.  Alabama also had uncharacteristic turnovers during the game but rose above them to put themselves in position to win the game for as many times as it would eventually take.


Trends continue for Alabama

Since 1999, Alabama has managed to have a 10-win season every three years. 

Each of those seasons, Alabama was led by a senior quarterback. 

This season has turned out as no different of a trend, as John Parker Wilson has Alabama at 10-0 in his final season with the Crimson Tide.  The catch to this trend, so far, has been that Alabama has only reached 10 wins in each of those seasons.  However, the Tide was never 10-0 in any of those years, either.


Alabama looking to continue streaking, and continue breaking streaks

Some people were actually not aware of this, but the win over LSU halted a five-game losing streak to the Bayou Bengals.  By now, people are also well aware that Alabama is in the midst of its 21st double-digit winning streak in school history, easily the best mark in NCAA history.

The win over LSU was big, sure, but Alabama still has business to take care of.  The Tide has lost two straight to Mississippi State and hasn't scored an offensive touchdown against the Bulldogs since 2004.  Then, of course, there is the six-game streak against Auburn, which Alabama fans have been salivating over since the Tide reached 5-0 and Auburn was taking a downturn.


Now, as Alabama continues their season undefeated, they will continue to take the best shot from their opponents. 

Up next, as previously stated, is Mississippi State, the most important home game of the season, as I wrote before the year began. 

However, not only does Alabama have the No. 1 ranking target, but they also have the SEC West wrapped up. 

This brings me to this week's topic: Can Alabama avoid a letdown even though the SEC West has been clinched?

Last season, the demeanor of the team changed once they were out of the SEC West race. 

This season, they have won the West, but does that make a difference?  Will the chance at an undefeated season be enough to keep them focused?

As always, feel free to leave your comments below.

That's all for this week, guys.

Thanks, and Roll Tide,