'97 NBA Draft: Well, What If?

Amanda RobertsonContributor INovember 12, 2008

It's 1997 and the San Antonio Spurs land the first pick in the Draft, beating the favored Boston Celtics who had a 35 percent chance of getting first selection.

Well, what if the Celtics had? What if they selected Tim Duncan? Would they not have their previous 22 years without a title? And what about the Spurs—where would they be?

Also, what if college great Lenny Bias hadn't OD'd two nights after being picked first by the Celtics? (If you want to read something heartbreaking about Len Bias and a man who remembers him, perform a Google search for "I still see Lenny Bias." It's the first result.)

Many of us would like to know the answer to these questions, yet are left with only a simplified pondering thought: What if?

Let me know what you think.