Steelers Nation Exit Interview: Limas Sweed Era over in Pittsburgh?

Terrell BarnesCorrespondent IAugust 17, 2011

Drafted in 2008 to fill the need for a taller wide receiver to replace the loss of Plaxico Burress just four years prior, the Limas Sweed era has come to an end. Today the cut list was announced and Limas Sweed’s name was on it. Three years removed from the draft feels like a lifetime. He was drafted in the second round with much fanfare.

Drafted alongside Rashard Mendenhall, the Pittsburgh Steelers' first round pick, Limas Sweed was expected to provide the offense with another weapon. In 2009, following the Super Bowl, the Steelers were transitioning to an offense that was more focused on passing.

In fact, at the time Limas Sweed was drafted, many thought he would be the replacement for Hines Ward. This thinking was put to the test in the 2009 AFC Conference Championship Game against the Baltimore Ravens.

In the AFC Championship game Hines Ward got injured and could not go the second half. This set the stage for Limas Sweed to step in and define his role going forward with the Steelers. On a play that could have really raised his stock, he dropped the ball after getting wide open at the front of the end zone.

Now, in fairness, dropping a pass for a potential touchdown shouldn’t define a career. After all, football like any endeavor affords one a second chance. However, what happened after it called his stint with the Steelers into question.

The idea that a player would fake an injury after making an error rubbed many Steelers fans the wrong way. I will argue he was fired in the minds of the fans when this happened. He could never make up for this play. He did more than quit on the play. He quit on the team at the moment.

As a tall receiving option he will catch on with another team, but this will haunt him going forward. Most of his struggles are mental and not physical. He will have to do something big on a losing team or perhaps the Canadian Football League to revive his career.

What do you think? CFL or NFL bench-practice Squad?


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