Cub Fans Speak Out

John SchanmierContributor INovember 12, 2008

   I have been a Chicago cubs fan since i was 6 years old and until the last 3 years they have made no serious transactions to make this team a contender. I am now going on 41 years old and i believe the cubs are well on their way to at-least making a world series if not winning it. But if the good old boy network of owners create a problem with the sale of this team to Mark Cuban, Who by the way doesn't mind spending some money to make his teams successful and has more energy than all the other MLB owners combined.

   I don't know the politics of MLB, But if this deal falls through and the Cubs cant make serious deals or players wont come and play because they don't know where the team will be in the future, Then i will hang up my stripes and quit watching baseball for the rest of my life!!! There are no place for politics in baseball and to all the other owners out there, Mark Cuban is the best fit for MY baseball team whom i have supported for 35 years and believe he will take us all the way.