MLB: Power Ranking the 20 Coolest MLB Fatheads

Eli Marger@Eli_MargerCorrespondent IAugust 17, 2011

MLB: Power Ranking the 20 Coolest MLB Fatheads

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    When Fathead became big in 2006, a new level of super-fandom was introduced to lovers of sports. With these huge wall stickers, fans now had a way to show their devotion to their favorite teams in a big way. The company was purchased by current Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert and took off.

    Now, Fathead is one of the most popular online shopping websites.

    In that spirit, I took a look through each and every MLB Fathead and ranked the top 20 coolest ones. Now, I'm not art critic. But this is my humble opinion of what would look great on the wall of a baseball fan.

    Feel free to add your own suggestions and enjoy the slideshow.

No. 20: Progressive Field Mural

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    Say what you want about Cleveland, but they do have one of the nicer downtown stadiums in baseball. With the skyline beyond the left field bleachers, Progressive Field is a great place to watch a baseball game, especially when the Indians are playing improved baseball.

    For Tribe fans, the image of their home field on a wall is a great way to pay homage to the team, especially if you don't live in Cleveland. It's a cool shot of one of the cooler stadiums in the majors.

No. 19: Ryne Sandberg

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    One of the classic Cubbies is shown here in action, and it's a pretty cool Fathead. Ryne Sandberg is shown tracking a pop-up here, an image that Cubs fans are very familiar with. In this age of consistent mediocre play from the Cubs, this would be a refreshing image on the wall remind fans of when the Cubs (almost) knew how to win.

    Like I've said, action shots are the best, and this is a really good one of a classy baseball player.

    P.S. Anyone remember his nephew, Jared Sandberg? He played for the Devil Rays. He sucked.

No. 18: Baltimore Orioles Classic Logo

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    The old Baltimore Orioles logo is one of my personal favorites. For the diehard O's fan, this logo represents an era of better times, when Brooks Robinson and Dave McNally used to lead Baltimore to countless victories.

    What better way to immortalize those great times than with this old logo? This is a cool, retro Fathead.

No. 17: Ivan Rodriguez

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    Pudge Rodriguez will always be remembered as a real baseball player. He is everything you could possibly want in a player—leadership, talent, longevity, and a great attitude. He is truly one of the good guys in baseball. For Nationals fans, he is a great veteran leader on a generally young team. For other baseball fans, Pudge has always been well-known and well-respected.

    He's shown here in action, probably about to gun down yet another baserunner. This is a great Fathead to own if you want to have an image of a guy who really epitomizes what it means to play baseball.

No. 16: Wally the Green Monster

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    This one is awesome, not only because Wally is a timeless symbol of Red Sox Nation, but because this is actually a very real looking Fathead. It really looks like Wally is in your room, walking towards you. Creepy, I know. But still awesome.

    Better yet, this Fathead is 6'5", making it a formidable sight in any room of the house. If you have Yankees fans over regularly, it might be a requirement to have Wally in your TV room.

No. 15: Atlanta Braves Logo

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    Maybe this is just me, but I feel like the Braves have a perfect logo for a Fathead. There is no background, so it looks like the logo is just part of the wall. It would definitely add some major flair to any room. And if you're a Braves fan, this is a hell of a way to say you love your team.

    Whether you put it over your desk, next to the TV, or on your wife's dresser, this logo sticker is pretty cool.

No. 14: Tiger Stadium

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    For Tigers fans, this is almost a must. The immortal image of Tiger Stadium could live on in your room forever with this 6' by 4' mural. It showcases a glorious picture of the old confines of the Tigers. You can almost see Ty Cobb, Al Kaline, and Hank Greenberg patrolling the field.

    It's a timeless stadium and a timeless picture, and a really cool thing to have for the lifelong Detroit fan.

No. 13: Joe Mauer

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    Imagine waking up every morning and seeing this. Here is one of the great young players in the game today in action, all on your wall! It's a great action shot of Mauer, presumably chasing after a foul ball. Maybe he's examining the mildew forming on your ceiling, or your wife coming downstairs. No matter what, he means business.

    For Twins fans, and even for the general baseball fan, this would be a neat Fathead to have. It really is the essence of the game of baseball.

No. 12: Curtis Granderson

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    Now here is a determined guy. Curtis Granderson, who is having a whale of a year for the Yankees, is running right at you. Action shots are always the best, and Granderson looks to be in a full sprint here, bursting out of your wall and running you over.

    He is quickly becoming a fan favorite in New York, so I imagine that this image of Grandy is going to be very popular. If you love action, Granderson, or the Yankees, this is one of the cooler Fatheads around.

No. 11: Minute Maid Park Mural

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    No matter how crappy the team is, Houston will always have one of the gems of Major League Baseball, Minute Maid Park. It is a gorgeous stadium, and should be a great point of pride for Astros fans. This is especially true now because there is nothing on the field to have pride for.

    It's a classic image of a pregame ceremony, American flag and all, with beautiful shadows and a great view of one of the best stadiums in baseball.

No. 10: Jim Abbott

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    I gave a speech in high school about Jim Abbott, and grew to admire him greatly. Physical challenges aside, Abbott was one of the most inspirational sports figures in recent memory, and not just Angels fans will agree. Fathead immortalizes him in this wall sticker, where you can have an image that speaks louder than baseball.

    It is a picture of a great pitcher, a great man, and a symbol of determination, overcoming adversity, and rising above a challenge. It's really a great tribute.

No. 9: Ken Griffey, Jr.

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    Oh, Junior. Every kid who loved baseball in the 1990s knew him, and this is a great way to immortalize one of the most exciting players of our generation. He is older in this image, but still shown in his Mariners jersey, as he will always be remembered. It's a classic image—the batting stance we all imitated, the confident little smirk on the face.

    If you loved Ken Griffey, Jr. as much as a lot of America did, then this is a great Fathead. When Griffey enters the Hall of Fame, it'll be even better.

No. 8: Aroldis Chapman

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    One good thing about Fatheads is that they do not move. Why do I say this? Well, let's examine what would happen if this Aroldis Chapman Fathead were real.

    1) Your window would not break, it would disintegrate. Just vaporize into thin air because of his fastball.

    2) Your children/dog/wife would be in severe danger.

    3) If aimed at your fridge, your beer stock would be destroyed.

    For these reasons, it is extremely lucky that this is a stationary picture.

    Oh, by the way, it's awesome.

No. 7: Ryan Howard

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    Now this is cool. For Phillies fans, this almost seems like a must. It's Ryan Howard following through on his patented and oft-used home run swing. What isn't there to love? This is a huge sticker, by the way. At six feet tall and almost five feet wide, this will be a formidable presence in any room. Just like Howard is in the Phillies' lineup.

    It's a great action shot of one of the more likable players in baseball. But especially for Phillies fans, this is a must.

No. 6: Busch Stadium Mural

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    In my humble opinion, this is the most beautiful stadium and most beautiful backdrop in baseball. St. Louis is a city that just screams baseball, and this mural of their beautiful stadium and skyline is a perfect representation of the heart of America. I don't care who you like— this is one of the best-looking stadium shots out there.

    But if you're a Cardinals fan, there's almost no excuse to be without this. It's great for any room of the house and a terrific way to show off that your team has the best looking home field in baseball.

No. 5: Willie Stargell

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    You know what would be really cool? If you had this Fathead, then an image of your least favorite player to its left. That way, if Willie Stargell ever swings, he'll knock the other guy to kingdom come. This is a cool Fathead for a lot of reasons, but mainly the uniform. Were these Pirates uniforms not the greatest indicator of culture for its era?

    Willie is one of the coolest players ever to have played, so it's only fitting that his Fathead is one of the coolest.

No. 4: Texas Rangers American Flag Mural

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    Honestly, what is more American than this?

    -The picture is in Texas. +1

    -The American flag is unfurled, shaped like the USA. +2

    -There is a flyover. +100000000000

    Ladies and Gentlemen, this is our country.

No. 3: Tim Lincecum

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    Hello, Freak. If you need a way to get motivated in the morning, rise and shine and look at Tim Lincecum about to rip a hole through your soul with a 97 MPH fastball. Timmy will always be ready to pitch, and so will you. You get baseball's most exciting pitcher mid-delivery, one of the coolest action shots you'll ever see.

    For Giants fans and for anyone who has a little Freak in them (or Franchise, or whatever his nicknames are), this Fathead is highly recommended.

No. 2: Dennis Eckersley

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    This one is just plain awesome. I mean, what isn't there to love about this Fathead? Here is one of the greatest pitchers in baseball history in the middle of his windup, full bushy mustache and all, ready to fire a pitch right at you. Lucky for this Fathead's owner, the ball won't actually come out of the wall and kill you.

    Instead, it's a great image of an A's icon. Eckersley is portrayed in all of his glory here, making it one of the coolest Fatheads ever.

No. 1: The Milwaukee Sausages

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    I had to. I really did.

    I don't care what team you like or what you think of the sausages.

    This. Is. Awesome.