WWE: WWE Championship, Triple H, Kevin Nash? We Have Bigger Issues

Nick BolyardContributor IIIAugust 16, 2011

 Once again, I am back to provide the news that no one is talking about...yet. We all know about the WWE Championship mess at SummerSlam and the return of Big Daddy Cool, Kevin Nash.  Is he in cahoots with Triple H? Who cares?! We have some bigger things to discuss in the world of WWE.


The Miz vs. Jared

 The Miz has a new rival. Jared, the Subway Guy, became the object of the Awesome One's ridicule. Now if I know Jared, and I don't, he isn't going to stand for The Miz stealing his sub. The oven-baked chicken crisp (available now at Subway) was unceremoniously taken from the sandwich icon. I see this feud being in full force until Hell in a Cell, where Jared will finally attempt to take down Miz inside the Cell. Who will win?


 This one kind of befuddles me. Did this guy just randomly turn face? Did he really say he wouldn't stand for Mark Henry ending people's careers? Didn't this guy destroy people the same way like a year and a half ago?  WTF?!?!  Now Sheamus is this lovable, funny Irishman?  I am calling shenanigans!


APB Out for Zack Ryder

 So let's get this straight.  Ryder went from being on no shows, to NxT, to Superstars, to Raw AND SmackDown (nee ZackDown), back to nothing?  ARE YOU SERIOUS, BRO?  Did WWE not get the message?  WE WANT RYDER!  Zack Pack, we lost focus.  We were so worried about CM Punk's ice cream that we forgot about our broski.  Let the Ryder Revolution re-begin!

Waffle House

 CM Punk said he liked Waffle House last night.  I found that humorous.  I also like Waffle House, in case anyone was wondering.


OOOOOOO Cena Said Bad Words

 Did John Cena say what I think he said?  Cena said a slew of curse words, during his end of Raw tirade, towards Alberto Del Rio.  Now we are gonna have kiddies using naughty words.  Tisk tisk and shame shame.  At least Cena showed some depth to his otherwise vanilla character.  Bravo for the decent promo...but I still have one question: Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?


Scott Stanford's T-shirt Update

 Anyone with information on whether or not Scott got his shirt, let us know.

Well that's all for now.  I bet you may be disappointed that I didn't "go there" and say something mean about Melina or any of the other firings.  Well, I am not that cruel.  Losing your job is nothing to laugh about (nor is losing one's love...sorry Zack's dad).  If you have any other "important" news or have any comments or know anything about the whereabouts of Zack Ryder or Scott's shirt, let us know.  Thanks for reading!