Dallas Cowboys: 3 Reasons the Cowboys Won't Regret Letting Go of Marion Barber

Adam SpencerCorrespondent IAugust 16, 2011

Dallas Cowboys: 3 Reasons the Cowboys Won't Regret Letting Go of Marion Barber

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    Marion Barber is now a member of the Chicago Bears after being released by the Dallas Cowboys.

    Barber made a Pro Bowl in 2007 as a member of the Cowboys, but struggled mightily last season.He ran for only 374 yards and four touchdowns in the 13 games he played in 2010.

    Therefore, the Cowboys decided he wasn't worth a roster spot and got rid of him.

    Here are three reasons they won't regret that move.

3. Barber Has Too Many Miles on His Legs

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    Barber's style of running isn't conducive to a long NFL career.

    The way he plows into defenders and never shies away from contact will lead to even more injuries as his body gets older.

    Barber already has six full seasons under his belt in the NFL. With the short shelf life of the average running back, Barber has already exceeded expectations.

    The Cowboys decided to cut ties with him before his body breaks down completely.

2. Solid Backup Running Backs

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    The Cowboys are pretty happy with their trio of backup running backs right now.

    They have Tashard Choice, who has shown flashes of brilliance in limited action.

    Then there's the pair of young backs: rookie DeMarco Murray from Oklahoma and second-year back Lonyae Miller from Fresno State.

    When Murray is healthy, he can be a big-play running back and the Cowboys are high on Miller, who has been having a good training camp so far.

    With three acceptable backups, Barber became expendable.

1. Felix Jones Is Ready to Be a Feature Running Back

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    The biggest reason that Marion Barber was expendable is that Felix Jones is ready to be the No. 1 running back for the Dallas Cowboys.

    Jones is one of the fastest running backs in the NFL and has the capability to score whenever he touches the ball. He's also dynamic in the passing game.

    If he can stay healthy, the Cowboys will be better off with Jones than they ever were with Barber.

    And even if he gets hurt, the Cowboys are happy with their trio of backup running backs.

    Therefore, the team won't regret releasing Barber.