WWE: Why John Cena Is Suddenly Changing My Mind About Him

Robert KnightSenior Analyst IIIAugust 16, 2011

RAW this week ended with John Cena and Alberto Del Rio talking about the WWE title. John Cena was not present all night and that was a note I made while the WWE title match took place. It was a great match between Alberto Del Rio and Rey Mysterio with Del Rio being victorious. He then went on to attack Rey's arm until someone made the save.

John Cena.

He came storming to the ring and gave him some punches before Alberto Del Rio squirmed away and up the ramp. John Cena took the mic and yelled out to Del Rio that he does not deserve the champion and he already is starting to ruin his prestige with the way he has acted as champion. The likes of Rey and CM Punk are the ones who worked and deserved it and Del Rio was a man who simply got lucky. 

I will admit, I agree with everything John Cena said.  

John Cena went on to tell Del Rio he is going to beat the hell out of him and he could not wait to get his hands on him.  This was not done in a typical Cena fashion, however. He was angry, he had passion in what he was doing and saying and most importantly, it looked like he meant it.

I know one thing a lot of people will be asking themselves is why John Cena is in the title picture again and so soon? Did he not lose to Punk at the pay-per-view? Even if it was because of a bad call, he still lost. Yes, he does have a rematch clause but does he have to cash it in so early? I want someone else in this picture besides Cena.

Normally, I would agree with that. This time around, however, my feelings toward John Cena after this RAW were different.  John Cena made a statement at the contract signing last week on Raw. He did not care what others had to think of him. He cares about the people who care for him. Last night he made another statement. 

This time it was on Twitter.

 "...stop looking at this bizz in black and white. I am not a “heel” or a “face,” I am me. I find it comical that u truly believe. That archaic ideology still exists. Today, wwe fans cheer for who they please, which is why I love this company. I should mail u a pair of my shorts, because your stuck in 1993."

That statement changed my mind of Cena and how I should be looking at him. I wrote an article on here that stated John Cena's character needed to change or he will start to fade in the WWE. I am not sure if he read it or got to him thus far but right off the bat this week, I have noticed a change in him.

His match against CM Punk was a technical one and actual wrestling is what carried the match. He showed that not only can he wrestle but he can also carry the match with it. Something the IWC and myself thought for a long time he could not or was too lazy to do.

Last night on Raw, he showed attitude and real passion about what he was doing. He was not a laid back Cena, one shooting witty comments, pandering to kids, preaching hustle, loyalty and respect. He went out there and put it plain and simple, he is ticked off at Alberto Del Rio and he is going to kick his butt for that title.

He is changing right in front of our eyes and I am loving it so far. I know John Cena will not hold the title for a long time, another topic I wrote about, but he is displaying a change in him that I have been looking for. It was only for a short moment and it has been only one show, but those moments have done a lot to me.

I am not saying I am a John Cena fan now because he has to prove that this is going to continue. If he slowly starts to revert back to pandering to children, I will not pay any attention and go back to my original thoughts about him. 

For the time being though, he is displaying change. If this is the Cena of the future, I will go out and say it, I would not mind at all if he was champion. I hope it continues because it would be a rebirth of a character that not just children and cougar moms love but the IWC can respect as well.

Thank you for reading. I hope everyone enjoyed it. Leave a comment below on your thoughts about the article, how I did and your thoughts about John Cena. Be sure to check out my other articles and comment on those as well. I appreciate all the feedback I can get.