Five Ways Tim Tebow Can Reclaim the Starting QB Job in Denver

Mike KernsCorrespondent IIIAugust 16, 2011

Five Ways Tim Tebow Can Reclaim the Starting QB Job in Denver

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    Love him or hate him, it's hard to deny that people feel strongly one way or the other about Tim Tebow. For those who can't separate their Saturdays from their Sundays, Tebow is a great topic of adamant emotions. For some, it's an undying devotion to a very Christian kid who was a hell of a college football player. To others, it's white hot hate for the former Florida Gator who more than likely whipped up on his or her team in the SEC.

    But here we are in the NFL, and it seems like not much has changed. People still feel strongly about Tim Tebow in either a very positive or negative light. With the insane amounts of coverage the media feels like shining on him, it's easy to understand why the casual NFL fan has become tired of hearing about him. When was the last time a backup quarterback has received Brett Favre-like play-by-play coverage on major media outlets? I'm going with never.

    With that said, many out there still believe in the kid and think he will end up being a serviceable NFL quarterback. Sure, he has his detractors, but there are still a good number of people in his corner. Remember, he was slated to be the teams starter when it seemed a foregone conclusion that Kyle Orton would be traded to Miami before camp started. But Denver Broncos GM John Elway wasn't satisfied with the trade package the Dolphins were offering and didn't pull the trigger. Just like that, Tebow went back to second on the depth chart.

    Does Tim Tebow still have a shot at being Denver's starting quarterback again? It's possible. Let's take a look at five reasons how "The Big Tebowski" could reclaim that role in Denver. 

First Things First: Get Better

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    At this stage, all you can do is practice until you just can't practice any longer. Then, practice some more. That is the only way Tim Tebow is going to get better. 

    One thing that has never been questioned about Tebow is his work ethic. He watches film, studies the playbook and is the first to arrive to practice and last to leave. But what I'm curious about with him is if he truly loves the game of football.

    There have been lots of players who played in this league simply because they could. They were born with the natural athletic ability and/or size to play this game. These guys are able to skate by on talent alone. Then, there are the guys who not only have the aforementioned abilities, but they love the game of football. These are the guys who really leave an imprint in this league.

    Tebow needs to spend less time hanging out with Brooklyn Decker at the ESPY's and more time on the field working on his mechanics and throwing motion. He needs to dedicate and devote himself to the game of football. If he can do that, he has to improve.

Be Ready If Your Number Gets Called

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    There are so many guys in the league that were thought of as career backup players that stayed ready for their chance. Most of these types of players know that they might never get another shot, so they stay in top physical condition, know the playbook inside and out, bring it in every practice like it's a real game and, if things fall right, they might get a chance to step in one game.

    This can be in garbage time, or if the player in front of them has to miss time or gets pulled because they're struggling. Regardless of the reason, be ready to show everything you have if your number gets called. Never assume that you aren't going to get to play that day. Always be ready.

Fan Support

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    It's rare when ownership makes roster moves or changes because of pressure from their fan base. But it does happen once in awhile. 

    Regardless of how many people hate Tim Tebow, he has quite a devoted collection of supporters out there. And anyone who has paid attention to the fans Denver, you know they have no problems letting their voices be heard.

    Denver fans are some of the most loyal and amazing fans in the country, and Pat Bowlen is one of the most fan-conscious owners in all of sports. He cares what his fans think and even promised them that he would "restore the Broncos' integrity." If there is a massive fan outcry for Tebow, I could see Bowlen getting in the ear of John Fox at one point or another.

Injury to Kyle Orton

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    Kyle Orton doesn't really have the "injury prone" tag or anything close to it, but he has never started 16 games in an NFL season, and he does get nagging injuries that have ailed him in the past.

    This really falls into the "Be Ready" category, but an injury to Orton would certainly catapult Tebow to the top of the depth chart.

Kyle Orton Is Finally Traded

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    No one knows the real reason that the trade talks between Broncos GM John Elway and Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland broke down a few weeks back. All of the NFL experts had Orton to Miami as pretty much a done deal before the lockout even ended. Yet, a deal couldn't be reached before Orton was due a $1.5 million roster bonus that Denver was on the hook for. 

    Naturally, after that much cash, Elway decided it was best to hold on to Orton as Denver's starting quarterback. But if the team feels Tebow is ready at some point in the season and Bowlen is willing to eat that bonus money, isn't it still in the best interest of a team that is rebuilding to move Orton for any assets it could get?

    I think a deal could still get worked out mid-season if Tebow shows progress and signs that he is ready to be the unquestioned starter. However, I'm personally not convinced that Tebow is there, will be there later this season or even if he ever will be ready. I never say never, but barring an injury or a trade, good old fashioned hard work and dedication is the only way Tim Tebow will ever be QB No. 1 in Denver any time soon.