Come on Back, Moose!

T.J. MorrillCorrespondent INovember 11, 2008


Mike Mussina, you will most likely be a Hall of Famer, in between coming back to the Yankees and retiring, why should you come back? This is why!

Moose, buddy, you are coming off your best season as a pitcher, your first 20-game winner! Don't retire now. You've only just begun! Your new style of pitching has set in, you're a finesse, snake jazzer!

You may just be able to make a run at the perfect game you were merely one out away from a few years ago. You still have so much to accomplish in this HOF career of yours.

Moose, pal, you have 270 career wins, just a couple of 15-win seasons and you've got 300! Why stop now when you're so close? Everybody loves to watch you pitch, Moose. You are a true symbol of sportsmanship in this era of baseball.

Moose, mi compadre, you've still yet to pitch in the new Yankee Stadium, wouldn't you like to pitch there for just one year? 

Come on, Mooser, we want you back!