MLB Trade News: 4 Deadline Deals That Have Already Backfired

Will BrownContributor IAugust 16, 2011

MLB Trade News: 4 Deadline Deals That Have Already Backfired

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    Every year, teams make trades that are meant to help them make a playoff push. Some of these trades work out very well, others do not.

    The trades on this list are from the latter.

    I know, some of you are thinking that it is way too early to compile this list, but the names on this list were brought in to do a particular thing to help the team, but haven't done so to this point.

    Some of the trades that have worked out so far have been the Hunter Pence to the Phillies and Michael Bourn to the Braves moves. Both teams have greatly been helped by the arrival of the new players, so they obviously will not be on this list.  

Kosuke Fukudome, Cleveland Indians

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    When Kosuke Fukudome was with the Chicago Cubs, he always managed to get on base a lot at the very least.

    When the Indians traded for Fukudome, they were hoping to get the guy that had an on-base percentage of .374 and 20 extra-base hits. Instead they have gotten a guy that has an OBP of .281 with five extra-base hits in 11 games.

    It's a small sample size, but that OBP is simply not good enough for Fukudome. He has always been a patient hitter, so this should turn around, but he hasn't helped the team much at all to this point.

Doug Fister and David Pauley, Detroit Tigers

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    The Detroit Tigers have plenty of offense, but their pitching has really been lacking this year as a complete staff. 

    The team traded for Fister (pictured left) and Pauley from the Seattle Mariners to try and back up Justin Verlander and try and strengthen the staff. So far it hasn't worked out for either player.

    Fister had an ERA of 3.33 through 21 starts for the Mariners, yet through three starts in Detroit he has posted an ERA of 6.14. He has only walked one batter in 14.2 innings; he simply can't get people out.

    Pauley, albeit in just 5.2 innings, has gone from a 2.15 ERA with the Mariners to a 4.76 ERA with the Tigers. In those few innings, he has walked two batters and given up 10 hits.

Carlos Beltran, San Francisco Giants

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    Beltran was considered by many to be the top bat at the trade deadline, yet he hasn't been able to help the Giants poor offense much at all since the trade.

    Beltran's OPS of .617, down from .904 with the New York Mets, has been a huge problem for a team that needed him to bring some pop to the middle of the order. He has only three extra base hits, none of them homers, and two RBI in 11 games so far.

    Part of his problem so far is that he has had some trouble staying completely healthy. He's been battling some nagging injuries since the trade, but the Giants need him to start producing now.

Derek Lee, Pittsburgh Pirates

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    As if the Pirates needed even more problems after having their season completely fall apart after a missed call in Atlanta, their deadline acquisition of Derek Lee has taken a turn for the worse.

    When the Pirates put Lee on the 15-day DL a few days ago, it was said that he could be out up to a month. 

    The Pirates needed a veteran who could give them some decent pop in the middle of the lineup, and Lee was expected to be that guy. He actually was hitting .278 with two homers in his five games with a team.

    By the time he gets back, the Pirates season may be over.