College Football: The Hottest Fans from the 50 Biggest Party Schools

John Rozum@Rozum27Correspondent IAugust 17, 2011

College Football: The Hottest Fans from the 50 Biggest Party Schools

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    For some if not most of us, a big party school was a prerequisite in deciding which college to attend.

    In addition, sometimes the prestige of the football program was also considered.

    Well, for those still deciding on where to attend college or graduate school, maybe this slideshow will play a factor in your decision.

    So, without further ado, here is the Top 50 hottest college football party schools.

    Check this out to view the "Party School" rankings by the Princeton Review, in addition to other rankings.

50. University of Maryland

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    Meet some of the new players on Maryland's football team.

49. University of Mississippi

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    It's a big party school with some cute cheerleaders.

    At least Ole Miss has that going for them.

48. University of Vermont

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    A school you wouldn't expect to be on the list, but Vermont apparently knows how to party.

    And, their dance team is nice, too.

47. Syracuse University

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    Had Syracuse not transferred from a football school to a basketball school, maybe they'd be higher, but still good nonetheless.

    Ask her for a tour of the campus next time you go there.

46. University of North Dakota

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    Honestly, what else is there to do in North Dakota other than party?

    And maybe if you're lucky, you'll see this girl at one.

45. Virginia Tech University

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    It didn't make the Princeton Review's list, but the Hokies still know how to party.

    Plus, their co-eds are nothing to complain about, either.

44. University of North Carolina

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    That bed looks soft, and I'm getting sleepy.

    I wonder if all beds are like that at UNC?

    Let's hope so, because she's very cute.

43. University of Minnesota

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    It gets so cold in Minnesota, I'm kind of surprised that they're in a normal cheerleading uniform.

    Well, no complaints here, just simple observation.

42. Michigan State University

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    Anyone want to go visit East Lansing, Mich.?

    I mean, the Spartans are Big Ten title contenders, and...oh, never mind, just enjoy the picture.

41. Tulane University

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    Who would have thought that the Tulane Green Wave made the list?

    She's making that pool table look sexy.

40. University of Connecticut

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    If there's anything that will distract your attention from UConn football (on the rise), and UConn basketball, this is it.

    Oh yeah, and their women's basketball team is pretty amazing as well.

    It's a win-win situation.

39. Mississippi State University

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    She is wearing a Playboy Bunny hat on the right side of the picture.

    Maybe those are some future endeavors?

    Regardless, the Bulldogs have a solid chance to be SEC West contenders, and it doesn't hurt having a cheerleader like her on the sidelines.

    Hashtag, #Motivation.

38. West Virginia University

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    Definitely one of the biggest party schools in the country, most students from there could easily make an argument that they should be No. 1.

    Well, if she's their spokesperson, I'm all ears... and eyes.

37. University of California at Santa Barbara

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    UCSB is not a big football school, but they do know how to party.

    So, how could you go wrong with creative party girls like this?

    Toga! Toga! Toga!

    Okay, so it's not a toga, but it still somewhat reminds me of Animal House.

36. Penn State University

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    Another big party school, and arguably an even bigger football tradition.

    That said, chances are there's more where this picture came from in Happy Valley.

    Party on, Wayne! Party on, Garth! (Old SNL bit for the folks who grew up in the '90s)

35. Southern Methodist University

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    It's a good thing SMU didn't receive the death penalty now, because otherwise we wouldn't be able to enjoy this fans' sexy enthusiasm.

    Here's to SMU staying eligible!

34. University of Illinois

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    Sexy girl making the Illini football jersey sexy.

    You can't go wrong with these girls "Of Thee Illini."

33. University of Miami, Fla.

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    You would think that The U is a bigger party school than meets the eye, but in comparison to other schools its size, not so much.

    However, you can't ask for much more when there's pretty girls, and a big football tradition (despite the recent accusations).

32. University of Colorado

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    Although Colorado is a beautiful state, the Buffaloes unfortunately aren't a good football team anymore.

    They've struggled a lot, but at least there's sexy girls like these to keep everyone's spirits up.

    Plus, it is a huge party school.

    Maybe a fresh start in the newly aligned Pac-12 is the answer.

    Only time will tell.

31. University of Tennessee

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    Anyone have any free time to Volunteer at the University of Tennessee?

    Yeah, it was a bad pun, but sorry, I couldn't resist.

30. University of South Carolina

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    If there's a year when South Carolina wins the SEC, this is the year.

    Otherwise, just focus all your attention to the picture, and it won't matter how the Gamecocks perform.

    Because, even if they do badly, she remains hot. 

29. University of Georgia

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    I wonder if she's suiting up this year.

    If so, the Bulldogs will see their stadium go over capacity, and their TV ratings boosted.

28. University of Iowa

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    Iowa is normally known for wrestling, but they are also a big party school with a solid football program.

    But, I'd rather wrestle if she's around.

27. Indiana University

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    The Hoosiers have a terrible football team, but they make up for that by being one of the nation's best party schools.

    By evidence of the plastic cup, she's down to party even in Indiana.

26. East Carolina University

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    For those who don't follow college football, were you aware that Tennessee Titans' RB Chris Johnson is from East Carolina?

    Just a fun fact, while you succumb to her smile.

25. Washington State University

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    She's definitely not a cougar (no pun intended, but it is a good coincidence); however, it's a good reason to become one at Washington State.

    If you're still thinking about undergrad, or grad school.

24. Sewanee: University of the South

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    Believe it or not, but this school makes Princeton's party list virtually every year.

    And, this is Mallory Ervin, a former Miss America contestant.

    Yes, she's beautiful, competed in the country's most prestigious beauty pageant, and went to a ridiculous party school.

    It's a triple whammy!

23. Clemson University

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    I wonder if she knows that you have to wear pants to play football (sarcasm).

    Not complaining, because maybe this is how Clemson rolls.

    If so, let's go there. Now.

22. University of Western Ontario

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    Be honest, you've never heard of the University of Western Ontario.

    And if so, kudos, as you may already be aware of these cute girls.

    Wait, what was the name of this school again?

21. University of Nevada, Las Vegas

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    It's a school in Las Vegas, Nev.

    How could they not be on this list?

    With Sin City so close, these cheerleaders probably have some excellent memories.

20. Ohio University

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    Yes, this girl goes to Ohio University.

    And boy do they know how to party.

    Halloween in Athens, Ohio, may arguably be the most insane party time of the year.

19. University of Virginia

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    It must be a lingerie party at the University of Virginia, because if they dressed like this for normal occasions, they'd have to be No. 1.

    In any event, they're very gorgeous girls from a solid party school.

18. Ohio State University

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    A school not only known for football, basketball, wrestling and NCAA allegations, but partying as well.

    And if you need help singing "Hang On Sloopy!" just ask these girls.

    You'll be doing yourself a favor.

17. University of Florida

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    Definitely a well-known party school, the Gators now how to get crazy in The Swamp.

    Seeing The Swamp on TV looks like so much fun, that actually being there has to be unreal.

    Plus, it helps if a girl like this is there to show you the campus.

16. Oklahoma State University

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    She's in a bikini that supports her team, and drinking a brewski.

    What more could you want in a hot college football fan?

15. University of Southern California

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    No surprise here to see USC on the list, arguably the biggest party school in California.

    Maybe she can ride their mascot Traveler, instead of their Trojan Man.

    It would be much more appealing.

14. University of Missouri

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    There's not much else to do in Missouri, except maybe go to a Kansas City Chiefs game.

    But, hanging out with these two girls would most certainly be an excellent decision.

13. North Carolina State University

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    I think they both know their picture is being taken; otherwise, it wouldn't appear that they're arching their backs.

    However, if I'm going to visit N.C. State, maybe they'll let me join their Wolfpack.

12. Texas Tech University

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    There's no reason to play tackle football at Texas Tech if you can play some flag football with these hot girls.

    No need to go shotgun, either.

11. San Diego State University

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    San Diego is known for having the best weather in the country year-round.

    Well, they need to move up the sexy rankings as well, because this chick is sizzling.

    Also, be sure to watch the Aztecs this year, as they have the potential to turn some heads. Like this girl.

10. University of Central Florida

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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but either that top is painted on her, or it's just really skintight.

    We should go to UCF and find out, because some guys might lose sleep over this one.

9. Kansas State University

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    They look like their ready for some Powder Puff/lingerie football.

    I call first pick, and I choose this girl.

8. Auburn University

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    Fear not, Auburn fans, as although 2011 may be a downgrade from 2010, at least there's some sexy girls like this supporting the football program.

    Come on, NCAA, how could you stay mad at this, despite what you may think Cam Newton did?

7. University of Wisconsin

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    She's a true Badgers fan, and Wisconsin is a true party school.

    It's an excellent college town, and is one of the best school's in the country in a lot of sports.

    Not to mention, their girls are really smokin'.

6. DePauw University

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    Very few would have anticipated this one.

    DePauw University, being ranked No. 10 on Princeton's party list.

    Well, if they're ranking sexy girls, they have a case for No. 1.

5. University of Alabama

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    Did you happen to notice the University of Alabama jersey?

    It took me a while, but yeah, me neither at first.

4. University of Texas

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    Everything is bigger in Texas, and their parties are arguably the biggest.

    In addition, the football program is one of the biggest in the history of college football.

    In any event, these girls take the cake in The Lone Star State.

3. Florida State University

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    It's a giant party school, with a big-time football program, and some sizzle cheering in the stands.

    Honestly, how could you not like the Seminoles after this slide?

    Put all biases aside, then make an objective and conscientious decision.

2. Louisiana State University

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    Did Barbie attend LSU?

    Or am I just suffering from deja vu?

    I'm just curious is all, because I really am not concerned.

1. Arizona State University

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    Only at Arizona State, which is arguably the biggest party school year in and year out.

    There's seven girls in the picture.

    I wonder if they run a 4-3 or a 3-4 front?

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