WWE SummerSlam Results: CM Punk or Alberto Del Rio, Who's the Legitimate Champ?

Giulio RomanoCorrespondent IIAugust 15, 2011

Your disputed WWE Champion, Alberto Del Rio.
Your disputed WWE Champion, Alberto Del Rio.

It's a manic Monday folks.

A new week just began and we witnessed history being made last night at SummerSlam.

Alberto Del Rio cashed in his MITB briefcase on a freshly jacknifed CM Punk to win his very first WWE championship. They even announced him as the new undisputed WWE champion.

Right there is your answer as to who is the legitimate champion...on paper. I am not so sure because the night had its share of controversy. The Mexican Aristocrat is far from being undisputed.

Not only did CM Punk get attacked by a returning Kevin Nash but John Cena quite clearly had his foot on the rope when he got pinned. Triple H may not have seen it but I believe this sort of happened two months ago when Christian and Randy Orton fought and the foot was beneath the ropes.

What happened then that could happen now? A rematch!

Give Del Rio credit, he did what most briefcase winners did in the past, CM Punk included, and waited for the perfect opportunity to claim his prize.

What sucks in all of this is the fact that there have never been so many people with legitimate claims to the title. John Cena, CM Punk, Rey Mysterio...heck even The Miz deserves a match now; so Del Rio doesn't have one enemy, he has at least four. The odds aren't in his favor.

Mysterio is injured as well so I don't believe he will have his rematch tonight. They may turn this into a triple threat or The Miz may end up putting him out. He did mention something like that on Twitter today:

@ The Miz Opened up Summerslam with a bang now tonight on RAW the mayhem will continue plus I may just debut my new Shirt...Stay tuned.

Put all that aside for a second and remember that Triple H is the COO and officiated the match last night. He is scheduled to make a statement on the whole affair, but what will he say?

Will he tell us why Kevin Nash is back? Will Stephanie McMahon address the WWE universe as well?

Monday nights have once again become Must-See TV nights and as much as I'd like for CM Punk to be WWE champion, I really believe all is not as it seems and the official champion, Alberto Del Rio will not be officially undisputed until all this mess is put to light and sorted out.

I may get my wish as this may blow out of proportion and drag in the world heavyweight champion from Smackdown into it.

At long last, we would have one...undisputed WWE champion.