Cy Young Voters Got It Right

matt eliasContributor INovember 11, 2008

Maybe the world really is "changing," as everyone seems to believe. I was always under the impression that MLB writers who vote on the postseason awards were not intelligent and just voted for the obvious choice.

This would have been confirmed this season if Brandon Webb or Johan Santana had won the N.L. Cy Young award. True, Webb won 22 games in an era where people rarely win 20, and Santana pitched three great games in September to nearly get the Mets into the postseason.

But anybody who watched Tim Lincecum pitch would know he was the best pitcher in the N.L. His herky-jerky windup that produces a blazing fastball or knee-buckling curve is really something to enjoy.

The writers finally showed they are not locked up in the overrated stat in the win column. Lincecum won 17 games on a terrible team, and even lost three or four more because of the bullpen.

He was ahead of other top pitchers in K's. K/9, hits, obp/a. If the Giants made the playoffs or were even in contention, Lincecum would have been the easy choice. Those who say he didn't deserve it either don't know who he is or haven't seen him pitch because he is on the west coast.

This is probably the first of many Cy Young awards for Lincecum and because of the great voting. I want to applaud the baseball writers.