WWE SummerSlam 2011 Results: What's Next for Edge After His Appearance?

Carrie DunnAnalyst IIAugust 15, 2011

Did anyone genuinely think that Christian's amazing secret weapon at SummerSlam wouldn't be his best friend Edge?

As Christian announced the Rated-R superstar's return to a WWE pay-per-view and his theme music kicked in, it was an exciting moment. Edge has had a haircut, he was in his civvies and Christian was delighted to have his buddy in the ring.

Well, at least until he started to scold him for being a coward with no style.

Edge seemed to have forgotten that he was the "ultimate opportunist," because using lawyers is apparently beyond the pale if you want to win a title.

Regardless, the telling-off of Christian was convincing and heartfelt (although, it had no real denouement. I was waiting for him to come back out at the end of the match), and made you miss Edge more than you did already.

He's been dabbling in some acting, but will the new-era WWE make the most of him in a non-wrestling capacity? The argument with Christian seems tailor-made either for a feud between the two or Edge taking his chum under his wing and building a stable.

Failing that, Edge is ideal to move into commentary. The announcer tables are stale, particularly with Michael Cole working across both brands now. A slightly younger commentator with character and in-ring experience would be a great addition.

What would you like to see Edge do next? Or would you like to see him step back from wrestling altogether?