What the New York Mets' Fans Want in 2009!

Dominick DiFucciAnalyst INovember 11, 2008

I asked 10 questions going in to the offseason and here were your answers so far:

1) 80 percent want Schneider/Castro back as your Catchers
2) 100 percent believe Delgado will not be traded
3) 60 percent want Hudson at 2B next year, followed by 40 percent of you want Daniel Murphy.
4) 80 percent want Heilman traded away
5) 100 percent want Schoeneweis traded away
6) 20 percent want Murphy, Ibanez, Manny, F-Mart in LF
7) 100 percent want the core back next year (Beltran, Reyes, Wright)
8) 18 percent want Vazquez, Lowe, Sabathia, O.Perez to fill the last two rotation spots..
9) 35 percent want Juan Cruz, 30 percent want Jeremy Affeldt in the 'pen in middle relief
10) 42 percent want Brian Fuentes to close out games, while 33 percent want K-Rod...

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