New York Mets Can Wait and Get Their Price for a Closer

Dominick DiFucciAnalyst INovember 11, 2008

Fox Sport's Ken Rosenthal says, "The Mets can choose among Francisco Rodriguez, Brian Fuentes, Kerry Wood and Hoffman. No other team considers the signing of a closer to be as high a priority. Not the Tigers, not the Cardinals, not the Angels and certainly not the Padres.

"The Tigers do not intend to pay top dollar for a closer. The Cardinals want a stopgap until Chris Perez is ready to assume the role full time. The Angels and Cubs also could replace closers from within, and the Indians ultimately could be left with a bargain."

Friday opens the free-agent market, the Mets most likely will try and get Brian Fuentes, who his agent has already said he wants four years, $44 million. The Mets do not want to get more than three years to any reliever. How could the Mets settle this? They give him three years and a option year..

They Mets can easily have a shot at Francisco Rodriguez . If the market is not going to project a large demand for high-priced closers, as Rosenthal mentioned above, they can wait and get their price.

If they don't want to give five years maybe they can narrow it down to four..or three, but at fair market value per year...
I can see the Mets giving a four-year deal, totaling $60 million...That's a average of 15 million per year...

Many have suggested picking up Trevor Hoffman, who is now on the open market. I don't think the Mets will hold their faith in the hands of a 40+ year old closer...I think he is better suited for the Cleveland Indians..

Kerry Wood is a pitcher that is very interesting, but he is always injured and again that could scare the Mets away! He looks like he would be a fit in Cardinal Red.

It's going to be a interesting Friday , hopefully the Mets will get something done fast!