WWE SummerSlam 2011 Results: Match-by-Match Breakdown

Rob Picariello@@RobPicarielloCorrespondent IAugust 15, 2011

WWE SummerSlam 2011 Results: Match-by-Match Breakdown

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    I decided to sleep on the results of SummerSlam before writing a breakdown of the event, but even this morning I still can't believe what happened last night at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

    The event certainly met my expectations and may have even exceeded them, especially the co-main events that closed the show.

    Let's take a look at a breakdown from each individual match and where the storylines may go from here. 

Kofi Kingston, John Morrison, Rey Mysterio Defeat Miz, R-Truth, Alberto Del Rio

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    SummerSlam kicked off with an added special six-man tag team attraction, featuring upper-card superstars that were tossed to the back-burner in the wake of the CM Punk, John Cena and Triple H story.

    While it may have been a lame way to get everyone on the card, it still delivered as a solid opening match-up.

    It was your standard, feel-good opener with the heels controlling much of the match, until Rey Mysterio got the hot tag and cleaned house. The match ended with each face getting a spot on the heel.

    John Morrison hit Alberto Del Rio with his spinning dive over the top rope on one side of the ring, while Kofi Kingston got some serious air on a cross body block to The Miz on the other side of the ring.

    Inside the ring, Rey Mysterio hit R-Truth with a 619 and picked up the victory for the good guys.

    As for what's next, Rey Mysterio is scheduled to get his WWE Championship rematch tonight on Raw against the new champion...more on him later.

Mark Henry Defeats Sheamus Via Count-out

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    The Mark Henry versus Sheamus match was a physical slobber-knocker from beginning to end.

    We knew going in that it wouldn't be a technical masterpiece, but I believe these two told a great story in the ring.

    Mark Henry came out on top after a modified World's Strongest Slam through a ringside barricade. The spot was fantastic, as you could tell the crowd on that side of the ring had no idea the superstars were heading right into their laps.

    Sheamus was unable to crawl back to the ring and was counted out. I was satisfied with this outcome because it doesn't really hurt Sheamus and continues to portray Mark Henry as a monster.

    Last week I predicted that this match was a de facto No. 1 Contender's Match for the World Heavyweight Championship. I'm expecting Mark Henry to get his shot at the title at Night Of Champions next month. 

Kelly Kelly Retains the Divas Championship with an Upset Win over Beth Phoenix

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    In what was probably the best Divas match of the year, Kelly Kelly overcame the odds and scored an upset win over Beth Phoenix, retaining her Divas Championship.

    Kelly Kelly began the match with more aggression than we're used to seeing out of her. She was able to hold off The Glamazon for a little while, but eventually Beth Phoenix used her strength advantage to take control of the match.

    With Eve Torres and Natalya both on the outside looking on, it seemed to be the end when Beth Phoenix set up Kelly Kelly for the GlamSlam.

    Kelly Kelly was somehow able to reverse it and roll up the Glamazon for the 1-2-3.

    It wasn't the greatest match on the card, but it certainly gave the Divas division a little bit of credibility going forward.

    The rivalry between Beth Phoenix, Natalya and the "Barbie-Doll Divas" is far from over. 

Wade Barrett Defeats Daniel Bryan

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    Wade Barrett was able to defeat Daniel Bryan cleanly after hitting Bryan with Wasteland.

    This match was the best of the night up to this point.

    Internet darling Daniel Bryan was able to use his technical prowess along with some of his standard high-flying moves to prove that he's certainly in the upper tier of talent, based on pure wrestling ability.

    Wade Barrett, on the other hand, has been underused as a talent and has the look of a main event-er.

    It was nice to see them both able to deliver on a pay-per-view stage for the second month in a row.

    I'm not sure if they'll keep this feud going, but Wade Barrett is on his way towards the main event on SmackDown.

    Daniel Bryan is Mr. Money in the Bank and (hopefully) will continue to be showcased on pay-per-views, because he's one of the top pure wrestlers in the company.

Randy Orton Defeats Christian to Become the New World Heavyweight Champion

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    Bryan-Barrett was the match of the night for all of 30 minutes, because Christian and Randy Orton delivered once again on the biggest stage.

    Right from the get-go Christian tried to take the upper hand by telling us that his BFF, Edge would be in his corner for the No Holds Barred match. Edge came out to the biggest pop of the night and went on to cut a promo on Christian, calling him a whiny bitch.

    Edge left Christian to fend for himself.

    In a match that went about a half hour, Randy Orton left the Staples Center a bloody mess, but as your new World Heavyweight Champion.

    This match was filled with huge spots, including the anticipated destruction of the Spanish announcers table.

    Kendo sticks, steel steps, chairs and tables were all introduced into the match. Orton put Christian through three tables and then followed up with his vintage hanging DDT into a trash can to set up the finish.

    I thought the finish told a great story, because we saw Christian go for a variation of a moonsault and Orton catch him with a mid-air RKO onto the steel steps, ending the carnage. That same maneuver cost Christian the World Heavyweight title just five days after winning it for the first time, back at Extreme Rules.

    With Christian having a guaranteed rematch coming, we are in for at least one more Orton-Christian match-up. And you know what? I'm not complaining. These two guys are putting on a clinic.

CM Punk Defeats John Cena for the Undisputed WWE Championship...Sort Of

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    In the most anticipated match of the night, CM Punk defeated John Cena for the Undisputed WWE Championship, but it wasn't without controversy.

    Triple H was the guest referee and had been calling it like he saw it the entire night.

    Even after CM Punk hit John Cena with a suicide dive onto the floor and both men didn't look like they would answer the ten count, Triple H went out there and threw them both back into the ring, demanding they continue until there was a winner.

    Unfortunately for Cena, Triple H botched a call at the most inopportune time.

    CM Punk hit Cena with his second GTS of the match. Punk went for the cover and Triple H counted the 1-2-3...and we had an undisputed WWE Champion...or did we?

    It was clear to the viewing audience that John Cena had put his right foot on the ropes which should have broken the count, but the only person that mattered didn't see it.

    Cena tried to plead his case to Triple H, but to no avail. Cena left the ring disgusted, as Triple H went back and raised Punk's hand in victory.

    And just when you thought the controversy was over... 

CM Punk Laid out by Kevin Nash, Alberto Del Rio Cashes in to Win the WWE Title

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    In a shocking return, Kevin Nash, who hasn't been seen on WWE television since his surprise entrance into January's Royal Rumble, rushed through the crowd and leveled CM Punk.

    After a vintage Jackknife Powerbomb to Punk, he disappeared into the crowd as Triple H looked on in horror.

    Cue Alberto Del Rio.

    As soon as you saw Punk laid out, you knew what was coming next.

    Del Rio ran down the ramp with his own referee and Triple H could only sit there and watch as ADR cashed in his Money in the Bank contract.

    Before CM Punk could even get to his feet, the bell rang and Del Rio hit him with a running enziguri kick to the back of the head. And that was that.

    Your new Undisputed WWE Champion...Albertooooooooooo Delllllllllll Riooooooooooooo!

    A shocking end to a great pay-per-view, to say the least.

    Raw has certainly become a must-watch event. We are scheduled to see Rey Mysterio get his rematch for the WWE Championship in his hometown of San Diego.

    Will we see our fourth champion in 24 hours? Will Kevin Nash explain himself? Was Triple H in on it? What about John Cena's claim of being screwed?

    Once again, the WWE leaves us with more questions than answers and in the grand scheme of things, isn't that what they're supposed to do?

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