WWE SummerSlam 2011 Results: What Kelly Kelly's Win over Beth Phoenix Means

Carrie DunnAnalyst IIAugust 15, 2011

This was perhaps the most surprising result of the entire SummerSlam. Who would have thought Kelly Kelly would manage to beat Beth Phoenix

I'm not a Kelly Kelly fan, but she certainly seems to have made the effort to learn a few new moves. Perhaps Phoenix's declaration that she and Natalya will put up with no more booty-popping, splits or stinkfaces in the Divas division has made her and the powers-that-be realize that women's wrestling needs a little more credibility.

Beth is obviously significantly more powerful than Kelly, but the match was a decent one and given a moderately respectable amount of time. I'm hoping this means that the Divas, under the tutelage of the recently-appointed Goldust, are undergoing a bit of a revamp and being taken more seriously.

In storyline terms, the Divas of Doom now have a ready-made feud all set to launch with Kelly and Eve. Beth and Nattie have been kept on the sidelines for far too long; these are the women with the most wrestling ability and great mic skills, and they deserve to cut a heelish swathe through the roster.

William Regal keeps talking on NXT about AJ being a great role model for little girls to look up to. That may be so, but Beth and Nattie pointing out so clearly that you don't have to look like a Barbie doll to be attractive or to be powerful is just as important.

Kelly may still be the champion—for the time being. However, I expect Beth to take the title at Night of Champions, and I think this match may finally mark the Divas division's progression beyond an aesthetically attractive joke.