Why Was Christian Buried in His World Title Match?

Sexton HardcastleAnalyst IAugust 15, 2011

Courtesy: WWE.com
Courtesy: WWE.com

I felt on the whole, SummerSlam was a good pay-per-view. While there were some questionable booking decisions, the overall match quality far outweighed it. 

Perhaps the only booking decision I find terrible came in the World Heavyweight Championship match between Christian and Randy Orton. While the match was fantastic, I find the manner in which Christian was booked confusing.

It's been stressed multiple times; The WWE needs credible main event superstars who aren't overshadowed by John Cena and Randy Orton.

In the past, both Cena and Orton have been booked like total stars, while others are booked to look far weaker. 

SmackDown is in desperate need of credible main event wrestlers. The only four are Christian, Randy Orton, Sheamus and Mark Henry. That's very general, as Christian has been buried and Henry can't be trusted to work main event calibre matches.

Christian desperately needed to walk out of SummerSlam looking stronger than Randy Orton. Initially, we all thought that would occur in the form of outside interference.

That didn't ring true, as Edge accompanied Christian, only to blast him for being a "crying little b****". That's great as far as I'm concerned. The WWE preserved Edge's face character, while further establishing Christian in his whiny, complaining role.

Randy Orton hits Christian with an awesome RKO that ends the match.
Randy Orton hits Christian with an awesome RKO that ends the match.

SmackDown's Creative Team has chosen to book Christian similarly his last heel run in the WWE, back in 2005 as the "creepy little b******". This can work, as has worked multiple times before.

However it was vital that the Creative Team establish that Christian will cheat to win and resort to underhanded tactics. That they did as Christian has scored cheap victories over Randy Orton during the last few months.

This "weak champion" gimmick is challenging to make work. The weak champion has to be well established as a cheater, however this doesn't show legitimacy. Hence, the weak champion should score a clean victory every now and then.

Perfect example, The Miz.

The Miz went on a five-month reign from December of last year to April 2011. For the early stages of his reign, he was a constant cheater, cheating to defeat Randy Orton on multiple occasions.

However, The Miz also proved he could win cleanly. He won many times at RAW and defeated Jerry Lawler at Elimination Chamber cleanly.

At SummerSlam, after being blasted by Edge for being a whiner and a cheater, Christian should have gone on to prove the critics wrong and defeat Randy Orton. 

Randy Orton wins the World Heavyweight Championship, and potentially ends Christian's run at the top.
Randy Orton wins the World Heavyweight Championship, and potentially ends Christian's run at the top.

A victory for Christian would have established his position in the upper echelons of SmackDown, legitimising his championship reign.

Unfortunately, a combination of weak booking on SmackDown, an embarrassment by Edge and a loss to Orton have buried Christian and taken any legitimacy he had.

This may be due to Vince McMahon's well-documented distrust of Christian in the main event. Should Christian's run as a main event superstar continue, the WWE needs to book him strongly and show that he still deserves a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship.

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