WWE SummerSlam 2011 Results: Diesel and the 6 Most Shocking Moments of the PPV

Sexton HardcastleAnalyst IAugust 15, 2011

WWE SummerSlam 2011 Results: Diesel and the 6 Most Shocking Moments of the PPV

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    SummerSlam lived up to all the hype, and the WWE produced another great pay-per-view. The fairly light card had six matches, with very few disappointments.

    CM Punk defeated John Cena, Randy Orton defeated Christian and Mark Henry defeated Sheamus, among other results.

    There were, however, a number of moments and booking decisions, which created shock and awe. Moments such as these help make certain events special, and SummerSlam was no exception.

6. Alberto Del Rio Cashes in Money in the Bank

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    Alberto Del Rio cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase at the end of SummerSlam, to win the WWE Championship.

    During the event, this may not have been all that surprising. After CM Punk had been laid out, it was clear that Del Rio would strike.

    From a general perspective, I find this surprising. With the immense hype and importance surrounding the main event, I had assumed they would hold off on Del Rio's big moment. 

    Despite this, I expect great things for Del Rio, and the future of Raw.

5. Six-Man Tag Team Match Added to the Card

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    This one is sort of baffling. I had assumed WWE, as usual, would book a match during the event, although I thought it would be a match such as R-Truth vs. John Morrison, or The Miz vs. Rey Mysterio. 

    This match didn't really do much for any feud, beyond having all feuding participants in an impromptu match. It does position Rey well going into his WWE Championship match tonight on Raw. 

    The only justifications I can come up with for this match are Mysterio's lingering injury, and the desire to get all participants on the show.

    That said, it was an entertaining match, and served as a nice opener for SummerSlam.

4. Jim Ross Not Commentating

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    This was weird. With J.R.'s recent return, it could only be assumed that he would call SummerSlam, and Jim Ross thought the same.

    J.R. tweeted, "Game time decision to use Booker to rep Smackdown on tonite's Summer Slam & to work with King & Cole. I'm happy for Booker." Obviously, it hadn't been planned out properly by the WWE.

    As big a Booker T fan as I am, I don't think he has the commentating ability to make a pay-per-view match feel special like J.R. does. Booker is great for SmackDown, but this was a bad decision.

    J.R.'s voice would have added much to the main event and the rest of the show.

3. Kelly Kelly Winning Clean over Beth Phoenix

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    Kelly Kelly retained her championship in a long (for divas) match at SummerSlam. With the looming resurgence of the divas division, led by Beth Phoenix and Natalya Neidhart, I would have expected Phoenix to win in dominant fashion.

    This would have continued their new storyline, in which the Divas of Destruction (horrible name) reign over the divas division.

    I'm not 100 percent adverse to Kelly retaining, as there are numerous ways this feud can now go. My concern is that Kelly isn't as good an in-ring wrestler as Phoenix, and thus, can't lead the division.

2. Edge Returns Only To Abandon Christian

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    It was not Edge's return that was surprising; Edge was the front-runner to be Christian's "insurance policy" in his match against Randy Orton.

    The shocking aspect of this match was that, once in the ring, Edge ran down Christian on a mic and abandoned him. I had expected Christian's surprise partner to help him beat Randy Orton.

    Edge's abandonment of Christian was a delightful surprise, as I feel that Edge's return to help Christian would have further delegitimised Christian and his title reign.

    Edge was predictable—his departure was not.

1. Kevin Nash Returns

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    Was there any doubt? Kevin Nash's return at SummerSlam was by far the most shocking moment of the show.

    It came out of left field. The only indication of his return was Nash's recent frustration with his lack of involvement with the WWE as of late. 

    Of course, Nash's attack set the scene for Del Rio to capture his first WWE Championship.

    Where to from here? I assume Nash was in partnership with his buddy Triple H, leading me to believe there will be a Punk vs. Triple H/Nash feud, and a separate Alberto Del Rio vs. John Cena feud.

    Whatever happens, it is great to have Kevin Nash back, as his involvement with the company's product could help build the stars of the future.

    Regardless, SummerSlam 2011 was a well-booked show from the WWE. While the main event may appear to have been overbooked, I believe it served many purposes. Primarily, turning one fantastic main event storyline into two potential storylines. Well done, WWE.

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