Top 40 Sports Hotties from the '90s

Austin SchindelAnalyst IIAugust 18, 2011

Top 40 Sports Hotties from the '90s

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    Women of the 1990s may not have extensive photo shoots that athletes have today, but that doesn’t mean that they were not as hot, if not hotter.

    The sex appeal of gymnasts, ice dancers, and tennis players was higher than ever and the sports world was catching notice. These WAGs and athletes were the pioneers of hot women in a new age.

    Ok, so maybe I am being a little dramatic, but there were some serious hotties.

    Here are the sports hotties from the 90s.

Honorable Mention: Dominique Dawes

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    At the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, Dawes and her teammates took home the team gold medal in dominating fashion.

    As pictured above, she was very talented.

Honorable Mention: Jaycie Phelps

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    Phelps was another member of the 1996 Atlanta “Magnificent 7” who took gold.

    Between her and Dawes, not only was the team great in overall gymnastics competition, but they were also easy on the eyes.

    No Nastia Liukin, but well take what we can get.

40. Kristi Yamaguchi

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    The Japanese-American figure skater took gold at the 1992 Winter Olympics in Albertville with style.

    She was not the hottest figure skater in the world (much more to come on that), but she was very graceful and an incredible skater. Yamaguchi is still one of the hottest female athletes of the 1990s and has a vey legitimate spot on the list.  

39. Barbara Schett

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    The former Australian tennis player never won a grand slam and only got to be the seventh highest ranked player.

    Then again, if we wanted to watch good tennis we would look at some of the lesser attractive player. She was there for one reason, and one reason only.

38. Katarina Witt

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    The East German skater did most of her Olympic damage in the 80s, but made a comeback at the 1994 Olympics.

    She didn't do well in '94, but we still love her and to this day wonder how she was able to skate so well and look so graceful with such big...skates.

37. Ekaterina Gordeeva

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    There is something about those Soviet athletes that is appealing. She won two pair gold medals and kicked some serious ass in the process.

    For her, this was expected, but I still give her props. 

36. Elena Bechke

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    Unfortunately there are not many other pictures of Bechke probably because there was no a high demand for photo shoots in former Soviet Russia.

    You’ll have to take my word for it that she was a very hot, good skater who did some seriously cool tricks with her partner.

35. Mariah Carey

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    She dated the younger Yankees shortshop Derek Jeter in 1998. The relationship ended later that year after the media attention got too big to handle.

    Jeter went on to win multiple championships and is now marrying Minka Kelly. Carey settle for Nick Cannon. Point, Jeter. 

34. Kerri Pottharst

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    For those wondering, she is the hottie on the left. We cannot include her fine partner because she did not get into the game until 2004.

    Pottharst was a bronze medalist in 1996 though, and is more than welcome to appear on this list and many more.

    I love Aussies!!!

33. Picabo Street

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    Yes, her real name is Picabo and yes it is awesome.

    She won gold at Nagano and was the Lindey Vonn of the 90s; a super hot skier who also wins. Street is also rocking pretty cool racing gear in this picture.

    Go USA!

32. Elena Berezhnaya

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    She represented Russia in the 1998 winter games and took home the silver medal in pair skating.

    The blond beauty is part of the duo that famously shared the gold medal with the Canadians after the judging scandal…stupid Canadians. 

31. Carmen Electra

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    Don’t all great marriage start at a chapel in Las Vegas?

    Electra married Dennis Rodman, of all people, in 1998, quickly realized what she was doing, and then got a divorce in 1999.

    I can’t imagine marrying a man who dyes his hair more than you is going to last too long.

30. Victoria Beckham

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    Beckham and her husband David tied the knot in 1999 after two years of dating. Victoria was in a little thing called the Spice Girls starting in 1994.

    Since then, they have become the celebrity power couple of England, and have four kids.

    She still looks incredible to this day.

29. Kimberly Page

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    If you're familiar with Diamond Dallas Page, then you should be well acquainted with his former wife and wrestler Kemberly Page.

    She was involved in some pretty wild story lines and was liked by every man that watched her. Lucky for us, she did a spread in Playboy, which we always appreciate.

28. Samantha Riley

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    For some reason, there are so many Australian swimmers that are damn hot.

    You can add Riley to the list after winning three medals in two different Olympics. She was a breast stroke specialist who did best in team medley (enter inappropriate breast joke here).

27. Jennifer Capriati

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    She broke onto the scene in 1990 at the age of 13…

    Fast forward to 1995 when we are allowed to talk about her when she was 18…

    After starting strong she faded into obscurity for a few years before rebounding at the turn of the century.

    She still experienced unmatched success for her age in the early 90s and by the time she was legal, looked pretty damn good.

26. Jenny Thompson

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    She is the best female swimmer in American Olympic history. She won 12 medals, including five gold in the 90s.

    It is great to be incredible at something, and it is even better to look good doing it. Thompson was able to accomplish both with ease.

25. Amy Acuff

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    Acuff is a lifelong Olympic star who began her run at Atlanta in 1996. She is a high jump specialist and although she never won a medal, that won't exclude her from Bleacher Report fame.

    The tall beauty can jump for me any day.

24. Brandi Chastain

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    Taking off your shirt on national television vaults you to the top of any list in my opinion. This one happens to be about hot women of the 90s so at least it is appropriate.

    The USA midfielder made the winning penalty kick to win the 1999 Women’s World Cup, and then flashed a moment of temporary insanity.

    No complaints here.

23. Dara Torres

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    She is the ageless wonder. She began her Olympic journey in 1984 and has gone until 2008.

    She won a gold medal at the 1992 Barcelona games and doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Luckily for us, she has keep in amazing shape the whole time and looks amazing.

22. Heather Fuhr

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    She is actually one of the best athletes in the entire world. She won a gold medal at the 1997 Ironman World Championships, officially making her the best of the best.

    To top it all off, she is extraordinarily hot.

21. Laila Ali

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    Ali has fought a majority of her bouts in the last decade, but she made her debut in 1999. The daughter of all-time great Muhammad Ali has made a name for herself in and out of the ring.

    The beautiful and powerful woman will kick your ass and then make a sexy pose. I’m a little scared of her, but in a good way.

20. Gabrielle Reece

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    Reece was one of the best professional beach volleyball player throughout the 90s. She was the offensive player of the year in '94-'95 and to top it all off is a model.

    She posed for playboy, amongst many other magazines, and made us wonder why we weren't watching more volleyball.

19. Nancy Kerrigan

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    Everyone remembers Kerrigan crying on the floor screaming in pain after getting a pipe to the leg.

    Forget all that and focus on the fact that this skating hottie won two Olympics medals.

    She skated her best routine of her life in 1994 and lost in a controversial decision. The woman was marred by controversy her whole career, but still managed to be one of the best of the decade.

18. Tatiana Grigorieva

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    The Australian pole vaulter burst onto the scene in 1998 with a third place finish at the Goodwill Games. Before that, she had only been pole vaulting for about a year.

    It is great to see a woman who knows how to go above and beyond the bar with a pole.

17. Oksana Baiul

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    The 1994 Ladies’ singles gold medalist, Baiul is one of the sexiest figure skaters of all time.

    The Ukrainian topped American Nancy Kerrigan at the ’94 Winter Olympics and still works with skaters to this day.

    I hope she is teaching them how to be good skaters while also looking so good like she did.

16. Mia St. John

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    St. John is a lightweigth boxer who debuted in 1997 with a 54 second knockout. She would all but certainly knock me and any guy out not only because she is good at what she does, but because we would all be caught staring.

    She is arguably the toughest women of the 90s.

15. Brooke Shields

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    Shields is a 90s WAG. She and Andre Agassi were married from 1997-1999 after being together for four years prior.

    The model, actress, and author(???), moved on from the tennis star and married a TV writer, which seems a little more her speed.

    I’m surprised her marriage to Agassi lasted so long considering he used meth during their marriage… 

14. Jelena Dokic

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    1999 was a good year for the Australian tennis star. Ranked number 129 in the world, she accomplished one of the biggest upsets in tennis history, beating number one seed Martina Hingis. 

    After a win over the ninth seed Mary Pierce, she was bested in the third round. She hasn’t won a grand slam and is ranked number 73 in the world right now.

    I promise she wont be that high on this ranking.

13. Halle Berry

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    Berry was married to baseball player David Justice from 1992-1997.

    After their divorce, Berry was extremely upset and had difficulty dealing with the break up. The joke is on Justice, because look at her now.

    A woman that looks like Halle Berry needs to be pretty damn crazy for me or any red blooded man from breaking up with her.

    I hope he has one hell of a good reason.

12. Inge De Bruijn

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    The Dutch beauty didn’t place in the 1992 Olympics but won several gold medals in 2000.

    She is one of the best swimmers in the country’s history and clearly one of the best looking. They just grow them different in Scandinavia. 

11. Ashley Tappin

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    Tappin was a 1992 gold medalist at the Barcelona Olympics for her part in the 4x100 medley. She went to the University of Florida and the University of Arizona where she perfected being hot.

    Those schools also helped her win multiple national championships in swimming and Olympic gold.

10. Michelle Kwan

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    Kwan won the 1998 silver medal at the Winter Olympics and never got the gold that everyone thought she was capable of.

    That being said, she is quite bendy, as she here. Who needs a gold medal when you can do that?

9. Steffi Graf

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    Graf was the queen of the 90s. She did win many of her early tournaments in the late 80s, but her dominance came throughout early to mid 90s.

    Overall she has 22 Grand Slam titles and married tennis star Andre Agassi.

    She has that hot German thing going on (if you think that’s possible). She is that kind of tough woman who you think could kick your ass, but it’s ok. 

8. Vanessa Williams

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    This picture right here is the definition of gorgeous.

    Williams married basketball player Rick Fox in 1999, and surprise, surprise, he cheated on her. They got divorced in 2004 (the decade we don’t care about) and she continued her career.

    She remains one of the hottest WAGs of all time.

7. Irina Slutskaya

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    The Russian ice dancer won gold during several European championships, but saved winning her Olympic medals until 2002 and 2006.

    She is an absolutely gorgeous woman who took our breathe away on the ice.

6. Franziska Van Almsick

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    Yes, according to my sources, this is a female athlete from the 1990s. I know it is hard to believe but it is true.

    She won seven medals throughout the 90s in various different races and seemed to get better looking with age. 

5. Marion Jones

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    The bad news is, she got caught for doping and lost seven different medals. The good news is, none of it took place before 1999.

    Jones was one of the best all around track and field stars before succumbing to steroids. While it might have disqualified her, it kept her in great shape and made her the best.

    Luckily for us, bleacher report does not test for PEDs so she is all good. 

4. Tyra Banks

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    Banks has done everything from movies to talk shows and she has dabbled in dating athletes. The 90s star was with Chris Webber for a while and while the two never wed, they seemed to be serious.

    Banks was an icon in the mid-90s; just look at this picture and try to keep your chin from hitting the floor.

3. Martina Hingis

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    The five-time major grand slam singles champion is also one of the best looking women in all of the 1990s.

    She spent 209 weeks as the number one women’s player in the world although the Swiss star has retired at the ripe age of 30, she spent a majority of the late 90s dominating the tennis world.

2. Anna Kournikova

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    She won her first career title…uh…uh…never.

    Ok, so she isn’t much of a winner, but she is hot, and we will them hot here in the swagger department.

    She turned pro in 1995, and was obsolete only a few years later. In her defense, she did win two doubles titles, but we are apologizing for her at this point.

    Wait, did I mention that she is hot? 

1. Gabriela Sabatini

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    Besides having one of the sexiest names in the world, Sabatini was also a pretty kick ass tennis player. She won the U.S. Open in 1990, barely sneaking onto the list.

    Now, the Argentine is a Tennis Hall of Famer and is international recognized for making this list. This is has to go to the top of her career accomplishments, I am sure of it.