WWE SummerSlam Results: Chaos Reigns in Ending of WWE PPV

Robert KnightSenior Analyst IIIAugust 14, 2011

Tonight featured a lot of action and a lot of shockers. 

The night started off with the National Anthem being played on guitar. After that it was an impromptu six-man-tag match that featured R-truth, Miz, Del Rio vs. Rey, Morrison and Kingston. 

It was a great back-and-forth match that ended with Rey picking up the victory after his splash from the top rope to R-truth. 

Next was Sheamus vs. Mark Henry. 

This was a match with the perfect personality conflicts with Henry being dominate and Sheamus now being afraid of anyone. This was a great match that saw both of them dominating one another for a significant amount of time. Sheamus gave it all he had but once Henry got outside the ring he pick him up, slammed him against the post and THROUGH the barricade wall.

Henry got back into the ring and waited for the ten-count. Sheamus crawled as much as he could, but could not make it. Another victory for the big, dominate power of the WWE.

The Divas match came and it went. This match was not long. It appeared that this match was only suppose to show that Kelly Kelly can actually pull off some wrestling moves. After about five minutes of decent fighting, Kelly Kelly won with a roll up.

Green's performance came and the divas danced with him. That is it.

Next was Wade vs. Bryan. This was a great match that went at least ten good minutes. This matched featured a lot of technical wrestling and kicking. LOTS of kicking was performed in this match. After ten great minutes, Wade was able to get out of Bryan's submissions, nail down Wasteland for the three count.

The No Holds Barred Match started in an unexpected way. Christian came out to make his big announcement. He spoke of his chances rising because of this factor and that he cannot lose. He reveals that Edge will be in his corner.

Edge comes down to his routine as a wrestler but in normal clothing. He gets on the mic and talks to Christian about his history with the title thus far and to this point. He shocks Christian by telling him that he has changed and is not the old Christian that he knew and loved. He had turned into a groaning, moaning, little bitch and left on his own.

Randy Orton takes to the ring and this was a long, grueling match. These two gave it their all as they bear each other with keno sticks, put each other through tables, slammed on the steal stairs and the announce tables. In the end, Orton hit his RKO on Christian who flew from the top rope onto the steel stairs for the count. 

Finally, the main event. 

Throughout the night it saw Steph talking to Punk, entering Cena's locker room, and HHH and her talking backstage. It gave the suspicion that something might have been up.

This match was long and hard fought. This was another match that featured a lot of technical wrestling and submission maneuvers. Punk and Cena went back forth for over twenty minutes. HHH was is total control and displayed it by picking up Punk and Cena and throwing them in to ring after refusing to call the double count out. 

After throwing down their best moves and finishers they both seemed desperate. Cena went for his leg dropped and missed while Punk paid tribute to "Macho Man" with his elbow drop. 

In the end however the match ending with Punk hitting his GTS and the count. However, Cena had his foot on the ropes and HHH missed it completely. Punk celebrated and Cena argued to no avail. He left for the back and HHH congratulated Punk on his victory. HHH was making his way to the back as Punk continued celebrated.

When he turned back around, Keven Nash gave Punk a jackknife powerbomb and went through the crowd. HHH turned around shocked at what just happened. Del Rio made his way down to the ring with his briefcase and Ref and cashed it in.

Match starts, Del Rio kicks Punk in the face, Match over.

Del is celebrating with HHH completely shocked and confused about what just took place. The credits roll with Del Rio celebrating with the belt. 

What was Nash doing there? What will the WWE title situation be? Will Del Rio defend his belt successfully on Raw? One thing is for sure, the WWE is in certain Chaos.

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