WWE Summerslam 2011: Who Is Ready for Tonight's PPV?

Robert KnightSenior Analyst IIIAugust 14, 2011

This article is going to be short.

Who is ready for tonight? I think every wrestling fan out there is. WWE has lined up five matches for this PPV and every one has a lot of meaning to it. While it is announced that WWE only has five matches to be played out, I am more than sure the US title will be on the line and that performance by Green is in there as well.

Tonight, in my eyes, is going to be the PPV of the year. The main events are going to blow the audience out of the water all by themselves. The mid-carders are going make a big attempt to steal the show however, and I myself can feel it.

Besides the main events themselves we have Wade Barrett vs. Daniel Bryan, Sheamus vs. Mark Henry, and Kelly Kelly vs. Beth Phoenix officially.

If I had to take a guess as to which match would steal the show the most it would be Barrett and Daniel Bryan. Those two are proven to have great in-ring ability and their feud together is one to watch for after this PPV. 

The other matches will be great as well since we have perfect personality conflicts colliding in the ring with Henry, who has dominated since his return to Smackdown, and Sheamus, who is not afraid of anyone or anything and can put anyone down.

These two are going to put on a great match that will last for a good five to ten minutes. It will not steal the show but it will entertain us tremendously.

We got the Divas match and  to be honest, unless it is interesting right out the gate, it will lose me. I am not saying it will be a bad match because the future of the Divas Division seems to be on the line here. But with the feeling that Kelly Kelly will somehow win it sucks the life out of the match for me personally. 

It will probably go on for a good five to seven minutes with Kelly Kelly getting the victory. It will entertain those interested for sure. But it will not the show stealer by any means.  

Finally since, I am sure it will take place, The US title match.

It will feature Alex Riley against Ziggler for the title. This is another potential show stealer for sure. Alex can wrestle and show off some moves with Ziggler being a proven athlete in the ring. Vicky will stick her nose in there somehow and alter the ending to the match but what we will see will be nothing short of great talent going at it.

Do not forget about Miz as well. He has promised and sworn to make a huge impact at Summerslam and a match for him has not been announced.   What he will do is a big mystery and that is the best part of it. Keep him in mind people, he is full of surprises. 

The only thing that will give me a bad feeling is if Alberto Del Rio cashes in his MITB tonight. I think it is too early and Del himself is not built up well enough. The next PPV is when he should do it since it will be so close to the Mexico show. 

Thanks for reading! This was more of an article to keep myself occupied until the PPV. I hope everyone enjoyed reading. Tell me what you guys can't wait for about the PPV and what you think will happen! Do not forget to tell me how I did and to check out my other articles and comment on those as well!

Peace! =D