Seattle Seahawks: Russell Okung Injury Update

Micah ChenAnalyst IIIAugust 14, 2011

Perhaps the worst thing that can happen to your team during the preseason is to have a starter suffer an injury.  That's just what happened last Thursday during the Seahawks-Chargers game.

On the very first drive, Seattle's Russell Okung sprained his left ankle, and Okung wasn't the only person in agony.  But you can rest assured, Seahawks fans.

Pete Carroll made it clear during Saturday's practice that it wasn't anywhere near as severe as the high ankle sprains Okung suffered last year.

"Russell is not nearly as bad as it looked," Carroll said, according to ESPN. "He's walking around fine, not in a boot.  We're not talking about how long yet, but it's nothing like the one's he has had."

He later said that Okung could be in action for the Seahawks home opener against the San Francisco 49ers

I don't think we should be should be too concerned about this whole ordeal.  The incident didn't look very serious when it happened and all signs point to a speedy recovery.