SEC Expansion: Why Florida State and the SEC Need Each Other

Jordan ColemanAnalyst IAugust 14, 2011

SEC Expansion: Why Florida State and the SEC Need Each Other

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    The expansion talks of the super conference, the SEC, are stronger than ever.

    Multiple sources and rumors are confirming that Texas A&M is virtually a lock to join the SEC West. Now, rumors are circulating on who will also be packing their bags to come to the SEC.

    The teams included in these rumors are the Missouri Tigers, Florida State Seminoles, Clemson Tigers and Virginia Tech Hokies.

    Only one of these teams stands out and makes the most sense to me. That team would be the Florida State Seminoles.

    But one may ask, why Florida State?

    It's simple. The following slides will explain why Florida State is the single best choice to join the SEC.

Balance and Geographic Location

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    Shown above is a map of the current SEC schools and possible expansion teams. Obviously, not all teams are shown that has been mentioned for possible expansion.

    With the addition of Florida State to the SEC, the conference can still keep the same format on East/West divisions.


    Alabama, Auburn, Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Arkansas, LSU and now throw in Texas A&M.


    Kentucky, Florida, Tennessee, Georgia, Vanderbilt, South Carolina and now add Florida State.

    On the contrary, if you added just Missouri, which is the next strongest rumor, the conference would be forced to move one western division team to the East. Based on the location, that team would be the Auburn Tigers.

    Does the SEC really want to disrupt the tradition of Auburn being in the West? I just cannot envision this move making any sense whatsoever.


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    Just imagine these annual games:

    Florida State vs. Georgia

    Florida State vs. Tennessee

    Florida State vs. Florida (it would actually mean something other than state bragging rights, so to say.)

    Then round out the SEC East schedule against Kentucky and Vanderbilt.

    On top of that, add rotational games in the West against the likes of LSU, Auburn, Alabama, the possible newly acquired Texas A&M, Arkansas, Mississippi State and Ole Miss.

    What do you have now? The single most exciting conference in the entire nation.


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    This one pretty much speaks for itself.

    The SEC prides itself on tradition. Just ask Alabama, Auburn, LSU, Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, Ole Miss, etc.

    It's pretty well known that Florida State has one of the richest football traditions in the south.

    It's what you get when you have two national titles, 15 conference titles, two heisman winners, 33 All-Americans, a stadium that holds over 80,000 screaming fans, former All-Time great coach Bobby Bowden and some of the best sets of classic uniforms of gold and scarlet.

    Add on top of that, one of the coolest and most famous pregame rituals in all of college football, with Chief Osceola riding Renegade to midfield and throwing a flaming spear into the ground?

    That my friends, would be one of the best traditions in the south.

Seminole Babes

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    Do I really need to explain this one?

    I'm definitely going to Tallahassee now...

Money and National Exposure

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    Year in and year out, the SEC get's the most exposure on ESPN, CBS, etc. It's also pretty well known that the SEC is the biggest money making conference in the nation.

    With Florida State playing the likes of Georgia, Tennessee, Florida and western division foes every season, they are guaranteed to be on national TV practically every single week.

    This, in turn, put's an even greater national spotlight on Florida State while putting more money in their pocket. Even more so than the mediocre football conference that is the ACC.

    Plus, I'm sure ESPN's College Gameday would jump at the chance to be at games like FSU vs. Alabama, LSU, Auburn, Georgia, etc.

    Obviously, top recruits love being on TV and getting as much exposure as they possibly can, and the SEC does just that. Even more top recruits would jump at the chance to play top SEC teams every season and almost every week of the SEC schedule.

Florida State Needs the SEC and the SEC Needs Florida State

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    If Florida State joins the SEC, which I hope they do, this move would not only propel the Seminole's football program, but also tremendously add to the strength, tradition and pure excellence to the great Southeastern Conference.

    Plain and simple...

    It's a win-win situation for Florida State, the SEC, fans and the college football world in general.