6 Reasons Why Cesc Fabregas Will Be an FC Barcelona Success Story

Manuel TraqueteSenior Analyst IAugust 13, 2011

6 Reasons Why Cesc Fabregas Will Be an FC Barcelona Success Story

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    The most tedious transfer saga in recent memory seems to have finally reached an end. If this goal.com report is to be believed, Francesc Fabregas could make his FC Barcelona debut tomorrow during the second leg of the Supercopa.

    Pep Guardiola and the Barcelona players have made no secret of how much they wanted to have Fabregas in their team. Despite Barcelona's domination over the past few years, the Catalans feel that Cesc Fabregas will make them an even stronger team, and rightly so.

    At only 24, Cesc Fabregas is only now entering his peak years, and he has everything to one day become a Barcelona legend.

    Here is why he's destined for greatness with the blaugrana jersey.


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He's a World Class Player Who Fits into Barcelona's Philosophy

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    Few would dispute that Cesc Fabregas is an absolute world class player. He was certainly the best midfielder in the English Premier League prior to his move to Barcelona. Over the past five seasons, no player in Europe has delivered more league assists than Cesc, which clearly shows how great a player he is.

    It has been shown time and again that being uber-talented is not enough to triumph at Barcelona; you need to fit in with the club's football philosophy. That won't be a problem for Cesc, well on the contrary; he'll need no time to adapt and should hit the ground running.

    Cesc Fabregas is a La Masia youth product, he grew up playing "Barcelona football;" he has "Barca DNA". That's what you need to succeed at FC Barcelona (talent and a full understanding of the club's philosophy).

He Already Has Chemistry with the Rest of the FC Barcelona Stars

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    It'd be not be an exaggeration to claim that Cesc probably knows his future Barcelona teammates and how they play even better than he did his Arsenal teammates.

    He plays in the national team with most of them, he's best friends with Puyol and Piqué (and friends with several other players) and he grew up with Lionel Messi, destroying opponents together at the youth level.

    Cesc knows the system, and he knows the players; he has every condition to start shining from the very start. It's time for him and Messi to go back to the good old days and obliterate teams together as they used to do when they were teenagers.

He Can Only Prosper under Pep Guardiola

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    It's a well known fact that Pep Guardiola is Cesc's idol—the one he has looked up to his entire footballing career.

    When Cesc's parents divorced, Guardiola offered him support and told him that one day he would wear his No. 4 jersey. The day seems to have finally arrived.

    The fact that Guardiola is the current Barcelona manager played a big role in Fabregas' rush to join the club, he desperately wants to play under his idol.

    Besides, Fabregas can only improve as a player under Pep's guidance, all midfielders do. Just look at Sergio Busquets, or even Xavi and Iniesta, who were good but not this good before Pep took over. Even Mascherano is a much better passer of the ball than during his Liverpool years.

    If all goes well, Fabregas will imrpove a lot under Pep and become a player of the same class as Busquets, Xavi and Iniesta.

The Guidance of Xavi Hernandez and Andrés Iniesta

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    Cesc Fabregas has been around for quite a long time, so long that people often forget that he's still a rather young player, who can still improve a lot.

    Many people believe that Cesc's career might stall, since he'll be behind the two best midfielders of this generation in the pecking order, meaning that he might not get a lot of playing time. But those people are wrong.

    Playing with Xavi and Iniesta shouldn't be seen as a curse but as an opportunity. What better way for Cesc to become a better player than by training daily with arguably the finest midfield duo of all time?

    Not only can he learn a lot from Xavi and Iniesta, but the fierce competition for a place in the lineup will force him to work harder than ever, push himself to the limit. After all, you can't exactly improve or learn anything alongside the likes of Diaby and Denilson, can you?

    After a few years of learning from the best, Cesc will be ready to be the leader of Barcelona's midfield (alongside Thiago) and be a worthy heir to Xavi and Iniesta.

He Has the World Class Teammates He Never Had at Arsenal

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    As mentioned before, Cesc's assist stats have been quite impressive in the past few seasons, but they could even better if his great passes weren't wasted by the likes of Adebayor, Bendtner or Van Persie.

    At Barcelona, he will not have the same problem, as he'll be surrounded by world class players in every position. With the likes of Lionel Messi and David Villa on the receiving end of his great passes, you can fully expect Fabrgeas to shine.

    Besides, at Arsenal, he was clearly the best player and had to carry the team on his shoulders, which is not the case at Barcelona, where he's just another world class player among many.

    There'll be no burden on his shoulders anymore. One or two seasons as a rotation player should also do wonders for Fabregas's hamstrings. He will no longer be rushed back from injury or played when he's not fully fit.

    That can only be beneficial for his career.

Time Is Fully on His Side

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    Cesc Fabrgeas is 24 years old—a very young age for a midfielder. If all goes well, he has at least seven to eitght years of peak play left. That's a lot of time.

    He might not be a regular starter in his first season (although he'll certainly have an important role to play), but he has several years ahead of him to make his mark and become a club legend.

    After all, Xavi Hernandez's best seasons came after he turned 28. Cesc has all the time in the world to make his mark at the club; he just needs to be patient, and he will surely succeed as an FC Barcelona player.


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