The New Kid On The Block

JC AugustineCorrespondent INovember 11, 2008

       If you haven't been paying attention this year to the Spartans their quarterback, Brian Hoyer, is a senior.  So who is the next player to lead the Spartans next year?

       Maybe Kirk Kousins, State's backup QB who has only really played one game.  Sure that was against Ohio State and he did show some promise, but in the end Kirk was still a red shirt (no Star Trek pun intended) and got beat. 

     I say a new up and coming quarterback will lead the Spartans to victory but it isn't Kirk.  The kid's name is Andrew Maxwell and he maybe just one of the best player to be part of Spartan football. 

     Last year Maxwell lead his high school team (The Midland Chemics) to the finals, but got beat in the second half at Ford Field.  Also the team they lost to was pretty much all seniors and half went to USC and UCLA (not joking). 

     Andrew Maxwell is now a senior at Midland and is now on the Saginaw Valley Championship game only two games away from Ford Field again.

     Okay you maybe saying by now that Maxwell is an okay QB but has some sort of player on the team that wins the game?  Wrong, though the rest of the team is good Maxwell went to the Elite 11 quarter back camp all summer and was voted MVP multiple times at the camp. 

     This kid is the eighth best QB in the entire nation and already talked with and committed to Mark Dantonio and the Spartans.  Maxwell will begin spring training with the Spartans and will probably start.

     So if you were wondering what could happen to the Spartans next year?  Don't worry, we're in good hands.