Carlos Vela: The Answer for Arsenal

Miles KentCorrespondent INovember 11, 2008

This is my response to Hasan Ejaz and Nathan Lowe's articles which focused on how players can make an impact at their clubs. After Carlos Vela's four goals in two games in Carling Cup competition, this article analyzes the exciting prospect that is Carlos Vela.

For some Arsenal fans he is a prospect that seemed to emerge from nowhere. But the talented Mexican forward had been on their books for the best part of two years, having played for numerous European clubs on loan as he waited to receive his work permit.

He emphatically announced his presence with his hat-trick in Arsenal's 6-0 win earlier in the Carling Cup, and his latest goal against Wigan should be enough to get Arsenal fans excited about their new striker that has bags of promise.

Arsenal's attacking prowess is already highlighted with quality strikers like Eduardo, Adebayor, and van Persie on their books, but what Vela has shown in his recent performances is that he has the capability of challenging those forwards for a place in the first team as the seasons progress over the next couple of years.

He certainly has enough to establish himself ahead of Bendtner, whose inconsistency leaves a lot to be desired.

In the light of the current forwards available, Vela offers the Gunners a different approach. He has unbelievable close control of the ball, blistering pace, has the ability to link play and pick out a pass, and has the skillful unpredictability in his attacking play that rivals the likes of Quaresma, Benzema, or Messi in Europe.

His finishing ability is strikingly mature for his age, and he seems to be ahead of his years in terms of his ability to read the game.

The established fixture in the front two for the North London club is obviously Adebayor, with his psychical presence and his finishing consistency. What Vela would offer alongside him is the ability to complement Adebayor's physical strengths and open up play by creating space for attacking minded midfielders like Nasri and Fabregas to take advantage of.

Given the chance the pair could strike an interesting partnership. Wenger has gone as far as describing Vela as "calm and clinical in front of goal." Amongst Wenger's phenomenal batch of talented young prospects Vela must be the name on Gooners lips.

Regardless of his youthful age, does he have enough to offer the Arsenal first team and how highly does he rank amongst Arsenal's impressive and exciting crop of youngsters?