WWE: Is John Morrison the Latest Superstar to Leave the WWE?

Cec Van GaliniAnalyst IIIAugust 13, 2011

In the season of hirings and firings, it would seem that no one is safe in the WWE. Superstars who were holding belts only a few months ago, are now holding their pink slips. 

Vladimir Kozlov had a promising career as a comedic sidekick to Santino Marella, Melina was one of the companies most exciting Divas and Chris Masters was seemingly getting more television time than he had ever had. And all three were released last week.

Every year, these casualties exist. The need to freshen the roster and cut away the excess means that the WWE has acquired this now as annual tradition.

And so it makes me wonder about one superstar in particular: John Morrison.

Long tipped to be the heir to Shawn Michaels, Morrison has had a sustained push in recent years from tag champion to the Intercontinental belt, and a brief tenure as ECW Heavyweight champion as well. However, it seems that ultimate push towards the WWE title is still elusive.

Perhaps more than any other superstar, Morrison's style of wrestling is innovative. Some might argue he flies around the ring like a stuntman rather than a wrestler, but he is nonetheless exciting. His performance at this year's Royal Rumble where he jumped onto the barricade, could very well become an iconic moment in history.

Morrison however still has not become the face of wrestling. He remains simply a wrestling equivalent of his namesake, Jim Morrison.

The reason why he has seemingly not been pushed is not monocausal. Drug issues, weak performances on the mic, and at times somewhat wooden acting, means that in the era of wrestling entertainment, Morrison is no longer what a Champion must be.

And yet, this curse is not unique to Morrison, but what I might intercede in this argument of his eventual dismissal relates to girlfriend Melina. As stated, she was recently released.

With the girlfriend fired, how long does the boyfriend stick around?

It depends on what kind of life Morrison and Melina currently have as to whether or not it makes a difference if she's employed by the WWE or not. However, given that Triple H, Undertaker and now CM Punk have strong say on their "significant others,"  this at least shows that Morrison has no collateral backstage.

As wrestlers continue to quit because of their appalling working conditions, will Morrison similarly make the plunge into the uncertain world of indie leagues and foreign promotions, in the name of love?

Will the treatment of his girlfriend result in a change of attitude towards the company? Will Morrison have the same passion for wrestling when on the road for 300 days without Melina?

In the somewhat theoretical world of wrestling, where is Romeo without his Juliet?