Philadelphia Flyers vs. New York Islanders 11/11/2008

The Frozen FanCorrespondent INovember 11, 2008

First order of business: Allow me to apologize for my absence in the past few days. My computer succumbed to a virus on Saturday night during the first period of the Flyers game. It was returned to me with a clean bill of health this morning, so all should be back to business as usual.

Little did I know the team would fall victim to its own version of a virus—lack of focus. And the way this team talks about it to the press (too many examples to choose from for a link), you would think Jimmy McCrossin would have procured some Ritalin by now.

Second order of business: The Philadelphia Flyers play the New York Islanders at 2PM today. As an employee in the private sector, I do not have a holiday this fine Veteran’s Day. I plan to watch the game this evening (if my DVR has not also acquired a virus) and post thoughts at that time.

If you’re watching the game before me, a few things you should watch for:
1. How will Joffrey Lupul respond to being placed on the fourth line? Big hitting? Or hanging out along the perimeter?
2. Will Jeff Carter make it onto the score sheet, or will he show signs of slumping?
3. Will Matt Carle prove that Saturday’s brilliance wasn’t just an attempt to prove Tampa GM Brian Lawton wrong in Friday’s trade?