Matt Holliday's Impact on the Twins

AlexAnalyst INovember 11, 2008

Matt Holliday went from Colorado to Oakland yesterday, and while it doesn’t have anything to do with the Twins, it could affect them indirectly.

With the Twins in the hunt for a shortstop, a third baseman, and some bullpen help, the Colorado Rockies are sure to get some calls from Minnesota.

Garrett Atkins has been on the team’s radar, and rumor has it that the two sides have already had preliminary talks at the general manager meetings last week. With Holliday gone, and the Rockies knowing what else they still need, they can move on to dealing their other players on their seemingly long list.

Not only does the Holliday trade allow the Rockies to heat up talks about their other players, but their acquisition of Huston Street in the recent deal should peak the Twins’ interest.

As you may have read elsewhere, Pat Neshek suffered a setback in his rehab yesterday, and is scheduled for an MRI today. The obvious hope is that there is nothing serious wrong and that Neshek can still return this spring. Whether this affects his status with the team for 2009 or not, the Twins need help in the bullpen, and Street can help.

You may ask, what makes you think the Rockies will trade Street? Well, this does.

The Rockies will receive outfielder Carlos Gonzalez, left-handed pitcher Greg Smith and closer Huston Street in return, though they may not keep Street. One source said Monday that the Rockies are prepared to turn around and trade him—though to which team he wasn't sure.

If the rumor is true, and the Rockies are indeed looking to move Street, the Twins should act. Many people believe that there are better third base options out there, but Atkins is a good player, and when they can upgrade two positions with one trade they should at least check out the asking price.

[We’ll let you know what is going on with Neshek as soon as the information is known. Also, make sure to check out our rumors post to see who exactly has been talked about.]