WWE SummerSlam 2011: Commentary Available for Fans Attending the PPV

Al ConstableSenior Analyst IAugust 13, 2011

Wrestlescoop have reported that fans who will be in attendance for this Sunday's PPV in Los Angeles will be able to listen to the commentary like everyone at home, at least for a small fee.

SummerSlam will see the debut of WWE Live Commentary Radio which fans can purchase for $15. WWE have confirmed that this will remain in effect for future live events.

To be totally honest I'm surprised WWE haven't picked up on this a lot sooner. From what I can tell other sports in America do the same and the commentary in Pro Wrestling is possibly more important than any true sport.

After all, the commentary teams fill the audience in on plot details and other facts that are neglected to be mentioned in the build up to a match.

An example would be during the April 18, 2011, edition of Monday Night Raw of which I was in attendance. In the main event between Randy Orton and CM Punk, there was no mention as to why Nexus did not help Punk out until the match was over. It was only after watching the TV broadcast that their ring-side suspension was made clear.

If this is a one-off purchase for all events then it probably is worth the money, occasionally during more dull matches it can liven up the show. If this a multiple-time deal, however, it may be a little too costly.

For those of us that buy the expensive seats in the house it make the show even more expensive. I can also imagine that a parent who brings multiple kids might have a sharp decline in cash.

Luckily this is an optional feature as, although the commentary is helpful at times, its nice to be able to get away from it as well. There is a possibility that if bought en masse, then too many people will concentrate on the commentary and not on the atmosphere they could create.