How to Get Better When You’re Tight in Turn Two

Charlie TurnerSenior Writer INovember 7, 2008

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To win races in any series requires adjustment. If your car is tight in the turns, you play with stagger, tire pressure, track-bar settings and wedge. Drivers want the thing perfect and for the crews, it’s a constant search for that perfection.

Maybe NASCAR should take a cue from Bob Osborne and Chad Knaus. The Chase to the Cup ain’t perfect guys. The shrinking crowds and TV ratings should tell you that. Time to adjust.

The Bench Racing portion of our Tight in Turn Two  series attempt to help the Family France with there issues.

If you had the power to make one change and only one, what is that one change you would make to the Cup Series?

 Charlie:  I would make the difference in points value between the winner and the second place finisher of every race, 25 points. Increasing the points for a win has been one of my pet causes for a few years now. Watching Carl Edwards and the Office Depot Racing  team gambling on the track and in the pits has made what could have been a ho-hum late Chase, anything but boring. Just imagine if three or four other teams thought that stringing a few wins together might just get them back in contention.

Bruce:  Charlie, I thought we were supposed to have differing opinions on issues? Sheesh. I agree with you on the points per win. Make it more valuable to win and when someone has a win streak (If you can count 2 in a row a streak) or a successive number of wins, that would make it more interesting indeed. Someone 2 or 3 spots down in the chase could have a win, and make up a lot of ground rather than a point or two. Nice.

If I were to change anything in the NASCAR Cup series, I’d…well, then…no, maybe I’d…crap. There’s quite a few things that come to mind. Rule books, templates, rule enforcements, weather, qualifying, TV coverage, controlling fans from throwing things - it’s nuts! So many things to pick from and so little space to choose.

Hmm…despite many options, I’d say “drop the farce” of team ownership limits. The teams always find a way around the car team limits per owner.From dispersing ownership to wives and drivers and heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone’s dog owns a team.

Yes, it would “threaten” the smaller independent teams, but heck, they’ve been getting absorbed anyway. The smaller teams will just have to try to get under the roof of one of the big wigs from the get go and then, as they succeed, maybe break away at a later date.

That’s what we think. What do you think? Let us know in the comment section of this post.

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In going with your theme of picking one thing, what would you do to help increase attendance in these tough economic times?

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