Hey NASCAR, ”Can Ya Spare a Dime?”

Charlie TurnerSenior Writer INovember 11, 2008

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NASCAR wants to talk about Jimmy Johnson and and his third straight championship.

Unfortunately, much of the talk of the fans and participants revolves around the state of the series.  Merger talks have been running rampant for months.

Many of the small- to medium-sized teams are looking for partners to help economize and give them the advantages that the mega-teams enjoy.

The common denominator in most of these talks is the lack of sponsorship for all the cars and drivers involved.  The lists of rumored pairings is too long to list; but many have revolved around Chip Ganassi, Bill Davis, Petty Enterprises, DEI and Gillett-Evernham.

Looking at these individual teams, they are all looking at two or three car teams with less than 50-percent sponsorship deals.

It’s no wonder that “the garage” is speaking of less than full fields and start and park tactics for 2009.   Its been over half a decade since the start and park shenanigans were prevalent in NASCAR. 

I remember NASCAR offering incentives for teams to make the trek to Pheonix or California to fill the fields. 

Somehow many of these fillers always had mysterious debilitating maladies that caused them to run less than a handful of laps.  Those days may not be too far off once again.

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How much should NASCAR help financially strapped teams?

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