B/R F1 Community: The Future of "The Formula One Times"

Adam PooleAnalyst INovember 11, 2008

Due to personal commitments, Paul Heffernan is no longer able to contribute to "The Formula One Times."

But don't worry!  I am still raring to get this thing off the ground and make it bigger than ever. Obviously, I have a few things to iron out with it, but I wanted to check whether my efforts would be a waste of time of not first.

Please comment below if you would like me to continue producing The Times, and on the other hand, also let me know if you think I should call it a day.

If we continue with The Times, please note that from next Monday, all publications will be made from my personal account and not the "Formula One Times" account. It gets annoying juggling the two.

Sorry to mess you guys around...

Keep the Times? Stop the Press?  You decide... I didn't want to make this a one-man decision...